Adil Qadri’s Next Outlet Coming Soon In Mumbai

Adil Qadri’s Next Outlet Coming Soon In Mumbai

Recently Adil Qadri opens up his first outlet on Mumbai Ahemdabad highway which is running successfully.

Customers are showering lots of love to their first store and Adil’s team is also enjoying the love and happiness of their valuable customers.

Qadri’s first outlet is giving a marvellous response at this hard time of pandemic just because of the quality products and the hospitality.

In an interview, Adil Qadri said that he is planning to start his second outlet in Mumbai soon.

Qadri has a very strong foothold in Indian market because of the quality of products and the price which is very reasonable as compare with other brands.

Mumbai is consider as one of the toughest city for survival of startups but Adil strategy and experience will hit the marathi market as soon as he open his outlet in Mumbai.

Many of his clients from Mumbai are waiting for their launching in the mega city so that they can visit their store and experience their divine services and products.