ArdentX Co-Founder Connor Miller shares his best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

ArdentX Co-Founder Connor Miller shares his best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

As we settle into the new year, it is a given that many people will begin to draw up new plans, new resolutions, and new businesses to launch into the market. Conducting business effectively has become easier over the last decade. The wider reach of social media and the internet has granted many brands access to an entirely different demographic that was almost impossible to reach previously. However, despite all the advancements in the business world, it is still inevitable to encounter challenges, particularly in the early days of your business. 2020 was especially an unusual year which presented many obstacles for both new businesses and veteran brands alike.

There were, however, several companies and industries that sailed through the heart of the pandemic and emerged almost unscathed. ArdentX, one of America’s top logistic businesses, is one such company that was able to tackle this global crisis and turn it into an opportunity for growth.

“We shipped many loads of water and cleaning supplies at no charge to our customers during that time,” Connor Miller, ArdentX co-founder speaks on his company’s relief efforts. “Our goal is to leave America better than it was when we started our company.”

Ardent’s-and Connor’s-success did not happen overnight. Through his years of experience running a growing brand alongside his father, Connor has learned three key lessons that will prove useful to any aspiring entrepreneur;

  1. Service Comes First

The essence of any business should be to serve the customer above anything else. Investing in the quality of the service you render, especially during unprecedented situations will cement your place in your customer’s heart.

“A lot of people focus on their competition instead of how to add value to their own customers,” Connor shares. “ However, it is customer service that differentiates a small business from a big brand. Your goal should always be to outperform yourself. If something worked well for you in the past, dig deeper and find out what you can do to top it.”

  1. Go deep instead of wide

Gaining expertise and being known for one service/product will do you far greater good than spreading yourself too thin and trying to implement everything at the same time. From Connor’s experience, knowing your niche and sticking to it will get you a lot farther in record time. He explains how to apply this technique below;

“Understand what your clients really need. What problem can you solve for your customers in your environment? Think about what you do well, and multiply that.”

  1. Follow the market

A lot of booming businesses waste their potential and eventually die off because they fail to identify the ruling trends and adapt quickly to suit their customers.

“Day in day out, new market opportunities are being opened, “ Connor states. “ It is really important to stay alert. “

To stay ahead of the curve, you must always lookout for new trends and find ways to integrate them into your existing business model. This does not mean you must abandon your proven strategies every time something new hits the market.  However, you must be discerning enough to tell fads apart from real opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic is definitely a development that has reshaped the market, and many companies have come out of it better than ever.

“There are a lot of great examples of businesses embracing the current pandemic and successfully pivoting into completely new areas,” Connor admits “But you need to be careful about how you do this and stay true to what your business stands for.”

Following these simple tips will help you stay ahead of your competition while building a brand that is valuable and successful.