Art and restriction in Iran from Artin Shahvaran language

Art and restriction in Iran from Artin Shahvaran language

At the beginning of the Iranian revolution, there were many artistic and cultural restrictions on music, cinema, theater, and even the publication of books. Most music artists were known as “underground artists”! But not only were these restrictions not deterrent, but most Iranians secretly pursued these groups and had a large following.

After several years, restrictions on music and cinema became less and less, and now concerts of several thousand people are held in iranian cities. Hip hop and break dance group dances are even performed on tv talent shows that were previously banned, and it seems that there are no more restrictions.

Artin Shahvaran is one of the emerging singers of iranian music who has received an honorary doctorate in art from the tehran conservatory. He is the producer of one of the most successful tv shows and has received many awards as a top entrepreneur.

“Contrary to what was thought, the limitations and problems of artists in the early days of the iranian revolution made artists more creative. Highly talented young people even released songs around the world,” he says. Iranian actors and filmmakers have also received numerous international awards.

Undoubtedly, iranian artists can be a good role model for everyone. They proved that there can be no limit to the creative mind of man. Constraints can make your mind even more creative.