Fatemeh Sanaei’s Opinion About Education and Long-Term Outlook on Entrepreneurship


Most women entrepreneurs pass their work methods on to their successors, and we can observe a transfer of experience in the companies they establish, which is more evident than what is seen in companies owned by men. This feature helps them benefit from the exchange of opinions and conferring with others at the same time.

Long-Term Outlook

The highest resistance is just right before a break happens. Caution and foresight are of the main characteristics women entrepreneurs have. Women are more resilient in the face of problems because of their long-term outlook and perspective. Of course, being cautious does not mean that women entrepreneurs will not dare to take the next step. Though the number of women entrepreneurs around the world is much smaller than men, they are more successful under equal conditions.

Although the laws and regulations in most countries in the world are not suitable for the presence of women in the economy and there is still not enough trust in women’s ability in the field of entrepreneurship, the role of women in entrepreneurship is growing noticeably.

Only 10 out of the top 500 companies in the United States are run and directed by women. It seems that as the responsibilities get heavier, the number of women decreases; however, this number is gradually increasing. Nowadays, we can see women in high-ranking jobs such as ownership and management in medium and small companies and enterprises.


“Making mistakes is a good thing” says author-entrepreneur Mark Lachance

“I would say it’s a great thing to make mistakes as an entrepreneur. At the end of the day, if you’re not making any mistakes, then you’re not taking enough risks.” These are the words from Mark Lachance, CEO of MaxyMedia, a powerhouse agency in the marketing industry. He discusses how entrepreneurs should embrace their failures because they can teach valuable lessons that will only help them in the future.  He also talks about how failure can push one to be more creative than before which leads to innovation in your company’s products or services.

Mark has had his fair share of mistakes. In 2006, he found himself at his lowest point fighting for survival. He faced bankruptcy and mental illness when he discovered that the man who had once been like family to him turned out to be a fraudster- using their relationship as leverage against Mark while playing on both sides of an investment deal gone wrong.

When all seemed lost, he picked himself up. He found new ways to make money with his business ventures, proving that nothing is impossible when you keep trying.  His story is one of fighting through the toughest times in life to find success again.

What could be seen as an unfortunate setback for most people, Mark turned this into a comeback and took it to even greater heights than he had originally imagined possible. His tenacity towards success should inspire us when we feel discouraged about our own prospects–just remember there are no limits on how high you may rise if only your mind will let go of its preconceived notions.

Sometimes, the best way to find success is by looking back on your failures.  If you are feeling like quitting or if it feels impossible for you to try again after failure, don’t give up! When you think it’s over, life may just give you an opportunity that can change your life.

And if you’re interested to see the same success and attract more luck in your life, grab a copy of his upcoming book, The Lucky Formula, and learn how you can stack the odds in your favor and cash in on success. You can start with calculating  your Lucky Score. Simply go to to calculate your ability to attract Luck and Success.

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From working in a coffee shop to being a successful entrepreneur

Keala Kanae is an American businessman that started as a worker in a coffee shop and now is the CEO and founder of a leading company that focuses on skillset and mindset as a dual approach to business growth, professional growth, self-mastery, and leadership.

At 29 years old, Keala earned a minimum wage, had a 500 credit score, and was living in his mom’s spare bedroom. He was so broke that he gave his girlfriend a used purse that his mom was dropping off at Goodwill for a friend of hers.

But his instinct to follow his dreams made him quit his job and begin his first 5-figure month as a “freelance marketer”. He hasn’t looked back since, achieving features with Forbes, Huff Post, Entrepreneur, ABC News, and winning more than 7 awards from Clickfunnels including their coveted Centurion Award for doing more than $50M in sales on their way to $100M.

With his enterprise Inspirean, he scaled to over $20M in sales in his first year by adopting a lot of concepts about business, operations, management, leadership, scaling economics, business finance, and helping his clients to become better leaders of themselves and their businesses through our two-pronged approach focusing on both skillset (marketing, sales, operations) and mindset (leadership, self-mastery).

“It’s the reason I can help our clients see fast growth while also seeing the potential pitfalls and obstacles ahead long before they’re a threat to the business and begin planning and/or adjusting accordingly”, said Keala.

Despite reaching a value of over $40M in sales in the second year, he went through a difficult partnership breakup which led to eventually buying out the partner and rebranding the company. When the partnership split, all of the problems that come along with growing a company at breakneck speed taught Keala other skills, such as leadership, team building, culture building, and how to be an effective war-time CEO and a Peace-time CEO.

This allowed Keala to strengthen its ability to control a company, anticipating several problems. An example of this was the limited impact on Inspirean after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The company was prepared by closing its physical offices and preparing more decentralized work environments and virtual teams since 2018.

“Great leaders are those who can stay calm during the storm; remain poised, not poisoned, and convey confidence in adversity. They take none of the credit but all of the blame as they empower their teams to do what needs to be done regardless of the hours, circumstances, or workloads needed to achieve critical outcomes”, stated Keala.

For Keala, an entrepreneur must follow some recommendations to stay afloat in any condition and reap success for their companies, such as not surrendering to the struggle, the preparation for chaos, learning to see the hidden order in the apparent chaos, the learning to interpret and appreciate the data, and then identifying when to get comfortable to do nothing.


An Iranian investor and entrepreneur (Reza Jalali) Common mistakes related to investing in realty

Invest in realty without consulting

Having an advert or residential rental property will be both time-consuming and expensive. Trying to address these problems requires A level of focus and commitment that will not be realistic for each investor. For this reason, to achieve success in investing, it is best to consult in realty investment. An easy way to avoid mistakes is to create a team from day one.

This approach may include investing with a partner or working with a broader range of individuals, including an experienced property consultant, a certified realty lawyer, professional contractors, and a real estate management company. Having support can make investing in the land a more robust and powerful experience with less room for error. So, detain mind that investing in property without consulting can cause problems. Of course, in this regard, before taking any action, you will also visit the consultants of the chosen law firms of Astabanati.

Accompanying uninformed people in assets investing

When searching for help to decide to take a position in the property, it is essential to look at the proper resources. “Investing in property, especially for first-time investors, is daunting and nerve-wracking,” said Rovana Dasgepta, Warburg Realty Representative in NY. Perhaps this has caused problems for investors. Those who attempt to invest in land often use the guidance of their friends and family to be more confident.

The same thing can lead people astray. That is the reason these people, rather than getting advice from realty experts or an investor with a background of shopping for and selling properties. These people have the knowledge and knowledge to produce more reliable advice. So, associating with ignorant people in realty investing can get you in trouble. For this reason, it is best to visit knowledgeable people in this field.

Enter the planet of realty investing without knowledge

Real estate requires special knowledge to induce stocks, mutual funds, bonds, or other investments. Trell Gates, founder and CEO of Virtus assets Capital says big and small land investors may be mistaken in thinking that investing in assets is more manageable than other investments. Although the land is potent, it can cause problems.

Therefore, entering land investing without knowledge may be related to many problems, assuming this can be easy. It should be considered that for long-term success in real estate, you may need more skills and knowledge than luck. For this reason, we recommend that you act before obtaining sufficient information and expertise in this field. You must even have detailed information about the vital estate market within the country in question.


Explanations according to Sinan Ezam, an Iranian entrepreneur, on the Iranian stock request

Sinan incorporates a brilliant experience in the Iranian stock market, and his total exertion time reaches over fifteen times.

In the following news, you will notice a report associated with their job.

Stock request

Bourse is a French word and means portmanteau in French. The origins of the term stock market date back to the 15th century or earlier.

As a result, numerous merchandisers involved some in their conditioning to partake in the implicit gains and losses.

This experience was successful, so gradationally, every dealer tried to continue their business conditioning in this way; this technique was especially desirable for people engaged in large-scale, profitable movements.

Gradationally, this experience became legal and has become the conformation of joint-stock companies.

What is the description of Sinan?

To understand the stock request and become more at home with it, it is better to start with the” request” and its description. We can say that the market may be where buying and selling do during a simple explanation.

It is simpler to mention that when conditions are affable, a relationship is established between the client and the dealer, a purchase is formed, and asking is created. These conditions may be a particular place or communication network like the Internet. The requests generally traded two styles of means, palpable and monetary support.

Actual means are identical to physical means (similar as land, structures, and colorful goods like buses, appliances, etc.) Fiscal means and paper standards, or documents, like stocks and bonds.

An exchange may be a request during which colorful means are traded.

What are the categories of stocks?

Ordinary stocks, the foremost common securities, are common stocks traded on the exchange. Stocks have both nominal and request values. The little value in Iran is 100 Tomans, but the request value is the same price at which stocks are traded and determined based on force and demand. You will not have a fixed profit on buying common stock. Preferred shares (combined) preferred shares could be security that has numerous redundant benefits additionally to the characteristics of ordinary shares. These concessions must be approved by the opposite shareholders within the company assembly. one amongst these benefits is that the allocation of fixed tips to favored shares, or if lagniappes are to be distributed within the general community, the favored bonuses are paid first, and just in case of liquidation of the corporate, the favored shareholders will get their rights before other shareholders.

Pre-emptive rights Suppose you have bought shares of a corporation and revel in as numerous as shares of that company.

The company decides to boost capital in cash inflow because it increases its worth; for illustration, 50 must issue a brand-new stock slip. During this case, after the capital increase, you have 1000 shares, but its value has dropped, and to own the identical value as ahead and maintain your power within the company, you are given the correct of first turndown to shop for a brand-new stock the nominal stock price.

Perk Shares Occasionally, an organization raises capital in a way (capital accumulated profit or asset revaluation). For illustration, you had 500 shares of 500 Tomans before the capital increase during this case. After the capital increase within the mentioned styles, the corporate must issue a stock instrument counting on the capital increase. Therein case, the value per share will not be 500 and can be, for illustration, 250 Tomans. But to keep your rights and capital constant, you will be given another 1000 common shares as a price. So, your capital will not change, and only your stock will increase, called perk stock.

Registered and unrecorded shares If the name of its proprietor or the client is registered on the shared instrument or within the company’s stock office when buying the company’s shares, it is called that kind of listed shares. But if the person’s name is not registered, they only give the stock slip to the client. Anonymous shares are issued on behalf of the carrier, which, after all, is transferred. The name of the claims makes it easier to speak between the corporate and the shareholders.

Cash and cash shares If you pay plutocrat to shop for company shares, cash shares, and if you utilize other means similar as land, property, etc., to shop for instead of money, it is called non-cash shares.


Josh Kilby Brings The Energy On ‘Ease’

Josh Kilby has found success as an entrepreneur. The real estate investor and motivational coach has now taken interest in a new venture: breaking talent.

Kilby started releasing music earlier this year in an effort to showcase some of the talent he knows. Most recently, Kilby released ‘Ease’. The track features the vocals from one of his talented friends, offering an up-tempo vibe from start to finish. Kilby leaves the second verse open to anyone listening to spit their own bars over. “I just wanted to release something other people would have fun listening to,” explained Kilby.

Kilby has amassed hundreds of thousands of impressions on his own personal social media accounts. He wants to continue to leverage his platform to push more talented individuals.

You can listen to Josh Kilby here:

You can follow Josh Kilby here:


What is the difference between an individual and an organizational entrepreneur? ” Elham Salari ” Successful and famous entrepreneur talked about this issue

Individual entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship

The differences between individual entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship are perhaps more striking than their similarities. The first difference is that individual entrepreneurial actions are creative, while organizational entrepreneurship often focuses on recovery. Recovery measures often take place in the face of a downturn in large organizations, but organizational entrepreneurship can enhance growth and innovation in a traditional company. Organizational entrepreneurship can also be a modifier because it modulates the entrepreneurial culture in an organization that in the past had a completely vertical and hierarchical structure.

The process of delivering new services and products may be the result of organizational entrepreneurship, but its ultimate goal is to restore the entrepreneurial culture, while independent entrepreneurship creates a process or product that did not exist before. Another difference between individual and organizational entrepreneurship is the company’s competitors.

In entrepreneurship, the individual is a market competitor. What an independent entrepreneur does is remove market barriers to survival and competition. But in the case of organizational entrepreneurship, company culture is the primary competitor. Given this relationship, the company can block many of the entrepreneurial processes it has pursued. Therefore, in addition to overcoming labor market barriers, the organizational entrepreneur must also overcome organizational barriers.

The main difference between the two types of entrepreneurship

The third difference between the two types of entrepreneurship is perhaps the contradiction that exists between the two. In many cases, the parent company can be a friend instead of a competitor. If the relationship between the parent company and the newly established unit is good, the organizational entrepreneur will have access to the necessary capital through the parent company treasury. Although the company’s capital is limited and fundraising requires the approval of managers at various levels, but if there is a possibility or opportunity to undertake risky activities, the organizational entrepreneur is funded by the parent company. While the individual entrepreneur must either use his personal wealth or try to obtain capital from various external sources.


How to handle an entrepreneurship in the Middle East successfully?

A compact look at the remarkable Dr. Mohammad mahdi Rabbani’s activities, a top entrepreneur and business manager in Iran

Many people think that the Middle East region can hardly be a growing entrepreneurial environment, but in recent decades the region has made great strides in young manpower, and those helped with entrepreneurship in the Middle East.

Increasing the growth of startups in this region has played an important role in the prosperity of young companies so that they can start their own small businesses and solve society’s problems. And it’s important to use all of our weaknesses as a bridge to access our dreamy business; Then this wave of entrepreneurships and its focus on building and overcoming the thousand securities, social, and economic challenges we face in the region will help to paint a new picture of the Middle East in people’s minds.

Entrepreneurs are the starting point of a sustainable development cycle or ecosystem. The definition of wealth in today’s world is fundamentally different from the past.

Yesterday, wealth meant financial resources such as property, gold, cars, and money, but today the richest people in the world are well-informed and entrepreneurial people like Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder, Mike Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder, and Pierre Omidyar, the Iranian founder of eBay in the United States.

Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Rabbani is one of the people who have been capable of achieving many successes in the volatile and dangerous market of the Middle East.

This talented entrepreneur and capable businessman, with over ten years of experience in consulting and teaching in business; is also the founder of several businesses and startups.

He always combines theories of the world with his practical experiences in his training. And it pays a lot of attention to raising our knowledge daily.

He received a PhD in Management at most prestigious universities around the world, including the University of Zurich, the University of Madrid and the Polytechnic University of Lausanne.

In Iran, he offers all his courses on the Vidan online skills training application, which he has launched, and holds seminars with Iranian professors and veterans.

One of Dr. Rabbani’s most respected professors, Dr. Richard Meyer in Marketing at the Oxford College, United Kingdom, describes him as one of his best PhD students,

Who has intense knowledge of marketing and made him pleased with his research and lectures throughout his course.

Ultimately, the purpose of holding programs such as skills training systems with more knowledge access and lower costs in the Middle East and around the world; is to nurture the country’s young and talented people, guide them on the path of becoming thoughtful, innovative and creative.

In other words, as entrepreneurs connect knowledge and science with industry and global markets; it’s growing the economic transformation and prosperity of any organ.


What is the purpose of entrepreneurship? Interesting remarks by Farhad Fakhraei, Iranian entrepreneur and investor

What is the purpose of entrepreneurship?

The goal must meet the needs of the community, the goal must be burning to motivate the entrepreneur to be able to continue his business continuously and without feeling tired to the end of the road.

Farhad Fakhraei added: “My biggest interest in life has been to set unattainable goals for myself and then do my best to achieve these goals.”

A goal that makes you experience failure thousands of times is far more rewarding than staying still and not doing it.

What does independence mean in entrepreneurship?

By starting a business, you own it and you no longer need to listen to orders and advance the goals of others for their success. Entrepreneurs own their goals, plans and successes. Their freedom depends on the responsibility that They have taken it upon themselves.

Is flexibility important?

There are people who can not put themselves in the employee position. Entrepreneurs often look for a way to break down the frameworks and limitations and invent a new and efficient way to succeed. This does not mean that an entrepreneur in less than an hour. It is normal to work if they work much more than other people in the early stages of their development, and this type of work activity is natural and instinctive for them.

What is the path to financial success?

Farhad Fakhraei added: “The passage of time, perseverance and 10 years of effort gradually make the number a success overnight.” All entrepreneurs know that they will not become billionaires overnight, but they certainly dream of achieving financial success. Some of them are looking for a reliable source of income, but some are always improving their business to be more profitable.

What is the legacy of entrepreneurs?

All entrepreneurs are looking to leave a legacy of their own. A brand that will last and be recognized by everyone around the world, a factory that is inherited from generation to generation, or a lasting impact on the world that is not just innovation but It has a beneficial effect on people’s lives.


How to be a successful entrepreneur? Words from Ghafoor Ghatali, a famous Iranian expert and entrepreneur

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to stay focused and believe in yourself, and have faith in your judgments. Sometimes it happens to every entrepreneur that doubts themselves. So, try to take control of yourself in these situations. Try to add some subtlety to your work. Subtlety for a successful entrepreneur can be beneficial, but only when you are on the right way. Before you start you may ask yourself whether you’ll be successful, and this question keeps you in doubt. Even if you don’t have the unquestionable ability and the power and the endeavor of Steve Jobs or other successful entrepreneurs worldwide, still have the power to ask challenging questions from yourself. Questions like “do I have the ability to do this?” of course you dare to enter the profession of entrepreneurship and succeeding in this way. Because you believe.

a successful entrepreneur has a great mind

Success for an entrepreneur is a mental issue. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur in your life, you don’t need to sacrifice everything in a specific period to achieve success. Successful people make a bridge out of everything to their goals and final destinations. At this time, you need to think about the near future and absorb all your attention to it. Having a mind that only thinks of success, is of great importance in entrepreneurship. Successful entrepreneurs always try to have a positive and everlasting effect on others.

Accidents are ready

Successful entrepreneurs are always ready for nearly everything to happen. They know there are things that they’re not aware of them happening. So understanding this fact, they do not go in a deep shock or accidental change and do not act without thought ad scheduling and use every chance that had been ignored by others.

A successful entrepreneur is an ideator

 A successful entrepreneur always has new ideas. In other words, is an idea-making machine. Entrepreneurs believe that not every idea can be beneficial but owners of businesses believe the more they generate ideas, the more chance they have to reach a profitable idea. Successful entrepreneurs despite the number of projects they have completed, spend time generating new ideas and thinking about their next projects.

A short biography of Ghafoor Ghatali

Seyed AbdolGhafoor Ghatali, known as Ghafoor Ghatali, Iranian entrepreneur who owns the brand and is the owner of the Elaxiom Real Estate Broker in Dubai. 

The complex with the administration of Ghafoor Ghatali is one of the registered companies in Emirates and the first years of the establishment had extraordinary progress.