Art Collections that Inspire, Captivate and Thrill…The Story of London’s Eden Gallery

Art Collections that Inspire, Captivate and Thrill…The Story of London’s Eden Gallery

When it comes to presenting the beauty, diversity and flexibility of art to the world, Eden Gallery is on point. Eden Gallery and its artists have been changing the way people view and access art since its inception in 1997. Eden Gallery is far from traditional in terms of how it chooses to deliver the beauty of art to the world and this is why it has such a powerful reputation among today’s art connoisseurs.  The gallery’s artists experiment with texture, shape, colours and dimensions to produce pieces that are distinctive, powerful, emotionally charged and entertaining.

A Team of Extremely Talented Artists

The museum is a modern-day mecca for the best talent the contemporary world of art has to offer. They come from a wide range of cultural and demographic backgrounds and each has a unique ‘flavour’ that attracts art lovers. Among the incredible talent contributing to the gallery are Alec Monopoly, Angelo Accardi, Gal Yosef and David Kracov.

Thrilling Art Shows

Eden Gallery’s patrons are always blown away by its spectacular art shows. Artist Alec Monopoly’s shows are a prime example of this.  The artist periodically has showings of his work in various Eden Gallery galleries. His shows are characterized by fresh perspectives and innovative styles that keep his audience spellbound and leave them inspired and thrilled.

Eden Gallery’s events are always refreshingly innovative and are usually well-attended not only by locals but also by international art connoisseurs. The gallery’s remarkable displays and events are also admired by its international clientele.

Events such as the London gallery’s 2019 collaboration with international artist sensation SN, give birth to new trends and views in the world of art. For this event, the London gallery hosted a fashion show dedicated to showcasing the work of the famous artist. This is one of many such events that reflect the gallery’s commitment to innovative and distinctive approaches to art. The event, which featured a merger of art and fashion, was a resounding success, attracting creative minds from around the world.

Captivating Displays

Eden Gallery’s exhibitions are characterized by out-of-the-box thinking and captivating displays. Those fortunate enough to experience these events often find them enlightening, thought provoking and inspirational.

London’s Eden Gallery is undoubtedly the home of contemporary art. The gallery has a powerful reputation for embracing the modern side of art and offering guests plenty of opportunities to revel in the beauty, inspiration and thrill that it provides. The gallery’s numerous physical locations around the world as well as a strong online presence ensure that all who seek the eclectic and inspirational experiences offered can access them.

Eden Gallery recognizes the connections between art and life and aims to ensure that the world explores these connections. This is why the art displayed in its halls reflect elements of human lives such as entertainment icons and music. Artists like Gal Yosef reveal and explore the various perspectives of popular characters in entertainment.

The gallery possesses a collection of work that delves into the linkages between art and music. Dubbed its musical collection, the body of work includes Eduardo Kobra’s ‘Astronauta’, Calman Shemi’s ‘Golden Jazz Notes’ and PLUM’s ‘G-Key’.

Gal Yosef has the distinction of being the youngest artist to sign with the gallery. His 3D pieces have been wowing art enthusiasts around the world who laud his incredible talent for weaving masterpieces inspired by modern entertainment icons.

The gallery is exceptional when it comes to delivering unforgettable experiences that leave new and seasoned art lovers completely enthralled. Consequently, Eden Gallery’s locations are constantly attracting art lovers from around the world. The gallery’s magnetic appeal has helped to win the loyalty and admiration of people from around the world.