Artist Spotlight: StaJe

Artist Spotlight: StaJe

Theres so much good music and great artist in todays world. You can truly pick your flavors out of the many new artist putting out new music everyday. We’ve grown accustom to loving our everyday stars and all the music they put out due mostly to our biases.

There’s always something new worth listening to and today that artist is StaJe. Justin Payne, also known as StaJe is a southern raised man with high quality music that he listens to and that he makes. In a previous article interview {Top 5 Great Artist of All time: StaJe} we found out he has etiquette taste in music. Rankings involved king of pop Michael Jackson to John Mayer and even mentioned the Beatles. Not many artist can truly say they have listened to these set of artist. After listening to his smash single “Swedish Tuck” you could instantly feel the combinations of his All Time list coming out. To add to the matter, the rising star also produces and writes his own music.

With so much future ahead for this young talented artist it’s hard not seeing him change the way we listen to music. He blends so many styles into one song. His debut EP “POETRY” was a cluster of vocals that complimented the jazz/blues arrangements which surrounded his story telling raps and staggering vocal range. He carries this tune that just lures you in and brainwashes all of your senses.

With a heavily anticipated single release in May branded “Jimmy Choos” there’s a sense of excitement to hear his confessions pour through his pleasing voice. If it’s anything like his most recent release “Redlight” which was a collab with Elle Loraine, Insecure Actress, we are sitting on the edge of our couch waiting with eagerness. The singer also just opened up his own indi record label Fam Entertainment as well as his cultural clothing line “Black Genes”. It goes without saying but we could potentially be witnessing the next big thing!