Aryaan Arora’s Debut Album Will Feature New York Based Artist Claytonisokay aka Billy Miller

Aryaan Arora’s Debut Album Will Feature New York Based Artist Claytonisokay aka Billy Miller


American born singer-actor Aryaan Arora, has been going viral all over social media. He is getting worldwide recognition for posting musical renditions of popular Indian songs with his own English remix to it. His videos have grossed more than 1 million views across social media.

Aryaan looks up to artists such as the late Irfan Khan and Dev Patel:

According to an article on Deccan Herald, Aryaan said, “Irfan khan was such an inspiration for me as an actor and overall artist. His acting was so truthful and subtle and I always admired his humbleness. It really hurt me to hear about his passing but his legacy will live on forever and the mark he left on the international film industry is something I will always be grateful for as it has opened so many doors for Indian actors here”


Aryaan Arora, is enrolled at the prestigious NYU Tisch School of the Arts where he is currently studying acting

and film-making.

Arora made his debut as an actor in the US in 2017 on one of the biggest Hollywood Television broadcasting companies, “ABC”, (a flagship property of Walt Disney Television).

Aryaan’s season premiere episode of ABC’s “What Would You Do” was also released on YouTube and went viral, grossing over 8.9 millions views!

Link to ABC’s “What Would You Do” Season Premiere

Aryaan has officially signed with Prestige Management Group in New York, that represents him for his Film, Television, and Commercial projects.


He is currently working on his first original album with New York based artist Claytonisokay aka Billy Miller.

According to an article on IBT, “Singer-songwriter claytonisokay aka Billy Miller has just put out an album about the overlooked stories in America, i.e. poverty, greed, and love-lost. The album has already gotten 300k streams on Spotify and is gaining immense popularity. Not only that, but the proceeds from his album are being donated to the Lyme disease association to spread awareness about the illness as his father has been suffering for almost a decade due to a misdiagnosis”.