Producer Gabriel Caro Talks About the Controversy of the Music Industry in Argentina

Born in 1982 and raised in the Piedra Buena neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gabriel Caro started in music in 2009 co-founding one of the best-positioned companies in the art industry known as Artillery Music.

Global Recognition

Gabriel Caro is an executive music producer recognized in Latin America and around the world for his constant links with public figures and artists in the music industry: Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, Anuel, Mariah, Cosculluela, Kendo Kaponi, among others.

Power of Influence

Recently, Gabriel Caro has harshly criticized several artists in the music industry, such as the singer Duki, who misuse their influence, harming young people and society in general, in order to show a desire to look like themselves, and to advocate for drug use and other illicit practices:

“There are many artists who only talk about drugs instead of sharing a life story or a deeper message that might inspire their young audiences,” Caro affirmed.

It is definitely something that should be considered by many artists and composers: not only to seek to be commercial, or “sell”, but also to leave and transmit a profound message to the audiences. Throughout the history of music, and even more recently, many artists of the urban genre of the trap have been harshly criticized by the media for these same reasons.

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