Astounding gritty vision has catapulted Waheed Al Marzooqi to reach the top of the UAE’s cybersecurity world

Astounding gritty vision has catapulted Waheed Al Marzooqi to reach the top of the UAE’s cybersecurity world

Safeguarding information of major celebrities and influencers, Waheed Al Marzooqi has garnered immense respect from the Arab world.

The vast world of cybersecurity is a complex craft and cracking its code is no easy matter. Very few entrepreneurs could unlock it with their experience or technical prowess and make a name for themselves in the field. One such exuberant and passionate individual who possesses an exemplary vision for the cybersecurity emerged, by the name of Waheed Al Marzooqi.

Born in 1989, UAE, Marzooqi had the interest for the information security field and curiously kept up with the new trends in the industry. He felt a connection and satisfaction to neutralize cyber threats and hence, pursued his studies centered around the subject. At the start of his career in 2006, Marzooqi gained sound technical knowledge and attained the status of a pro ethical hacker. He began solving cases of theft of electronic accounts and also shared his knowledge on some electronic extortion cases. At the time, he was heavily involved in writing articles for newspapers, conducting TV interviews on satellite channels on the subject of cybersecurity.

Slowly and steadily, Marzooqi’s stock rose in the cyber world, as he solved over a thousand cases of cybersecurity thefts, lapses, including those of prominent personalities of the Arab world. His vision of making the cyberspace free of the viruses and malware, backed with his technical prowess catapulted him to the helm of affairs in the cyber world. Marzooqi at a young age launched his company which provided astute cybersecurity advise and enhanced the security of the devices, units, and companies, against the hackers, viruses, and malware. The firm called Technical Support Company has flourished as a top enterprise in its field and it provides something back to the society, in the form of doing strong humanitarian work. Waheed Al Marzooqi has also been at the forefront of creating awareness regarding the usage of data and how it can be utilized by outside forces to harm their nation.

He has garnered tremendous respect in the Arab world and his vision has elevated him to the top of the cybersecurity world of the UAE