Perseverance and hard-work have garnered success for cyber entrepreneur Saud Bin Ahmed

Perseverance and hard-work have garnered success for cyber entrepreneur Saud Bin Ahmed

Robust work-ethic and revolutionary vision to safeguard his country has made Saud Bin Ahmed, a successful cyber entrepreneur.

With the emergence of e-commerce and the digital world, brought a positive change in global trade and ease of business. But it also brought out some cons in the form of cyber-attacks and hacking of the country’s privacy, which led to the rise of people who could show their technical prowess and safeguard the privacy of citizens. They are cybersecurity entrepreneurs, who worked tirelessly to fend off the cyber threats, among them is an entrepreneur who revolutionized the cyber-verse of the UAE, he is Saud Bin Ahmed.

Saud Bin Ahmed has showcased his exemplary technical know-how, astute market awareness, and safeguarded his nation, United Arab Emirates (UAE), from the outside threats. Crafting strategies to counter the web attacks, Ahmed, is a certified hacker from the United States of America. He has mastered the craft of ethical hacking and focused his energies on protecting his country. Ahmed is an international expert in information security and began his technical career at the age of 13. Born in 1985, Ahmed’s hard work and dedication in the field were unparalleled and his robust work ethic prompted him to conduct cyber experiments which proved beneficial to his growth in the field.

He became the first person to dismantle the ransom virus, in 2013, which was hidden behind the Interior Ministry’s emblem. He also came to the rescue of the UAE, when he spotted gaps in over 4000 computers and saved families from dismantling in the process. Ahmed has been vocal in the awareness program of the electronic blackmailing and fabrication of pictures. He also strives to combat discrimination and hatred and takes steps to inspire more and more individuals to join the cybersecurity world.

Ahmed has won many accolades, certificates, and has written articles in various newspapers. He is the founder and CEO of his information security firm Technical Support Company and has revolutionized the cyber entrepreneurship for good. He has more than 19 years of experience in the field and has served his nation in protecting it from hazardous cyber-attacks. He worked closely with the President of the Arab Parliament, His Excellency Ahmed Bin Muhammad Al-Jarwan, and has reached the pinnacle of the cyber world of UAE.

Saud Bin Ahmed’s perseverance and hard work to safeguard his nation’s cybersecurity has made him a robust entrepreneur.