Athletic Star: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby Announces World Soccer Freestyle Day 2020

Athletic Star: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby Announces World Soccer Freestyle Day 2020

Being able to understand and read some ‘decent’ Arabic, made me capable of exploring the middle eastern news occasionally. With that, I was able to possibly discover one of the most inspiring, if not, the most inspiring characters present in social media!

With encountering his name multiple times in the news, curiosity has led me to research this personality, leading me to stalk him in social media for a couple of days! To be now comfortable writing a summary about him to serve as an inspiring example! He was previously a student scholarship athlete that graduated from Scotland to be a prominent dentist in Kuwait, and also athlete.

Talented soccer player, social media influencer and more!

Meet the multi-talented star: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby, whose established himself to dominate dentistry, social media and athletics. Particularly, in the Arab world due to his ongoing viral soccer skills circulating under different names and websites! Not to mention his rising social media popularity due to his stunning viral modelling photos. This overall created a new niche of having multiple professions done at a high level.

With this, for every soccer lover, this young man story may hold a lot of inspiration, as he already inspired so many individuals through his constant news appearance as a public figure, and also through sharing his achievements, experiences, advices and wisdom to his very large following in all social media platform in a charismatic and unique way.

According to sports news outlets, such as SportsMedia, this young man has carried his history of brilliance from constantly achieving in the sport as champion, to actively spreading the sport through being appointed in charge of it. As the sport of doing soccer skills namely soccer freestyle has now, a governing body and an associated championship set ups with an also, international day.

Raising awareness by organizing the world soccer freestyle day

Being involved as part of the official governing body. He was able to previously, and also recently organize official championships of soccer freestyle, even during the pandemic times with the news acknowledging his success.

Today, he has announced the world freestyle soccer day in Kuwait with a lot of media coverage.

This is to raise awareness of the sport through joining the international event, but not to worry as of yet with regards to the frowned upon aspect of gathering during the pandemic, as he has already done the Maths!

In his official Instagram he stated:

“As much as we would like to have the annual meet in this day, and perhaps have a friendly unofficial championship were there will be head to head soccer skills battle” “We must abide with infection prevention measures against the risk of contracting the virus by celebrating from home doing the soccer skills we always enjoy”

Ofcourse there are much media coverage for him as a person in charge and official spokesperson, below are some from the top Arab websites English translation are available there on site if interested!

Photo: MenafnNews article:  featuring Dr. Ali and his speech about world soccer freestyle day.

Photo: Further screenshot taken from his Instagram story showing some of his news appearance.

This Kuwaiti dentist is one of the examples we are glad that is famous and popular, as he will serve as a very positive influence on younger generations, to look up to. He is definitely a role model to many as a soccer player, if not, as lifestyle social media influencer! If not, as a dentist!

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