Entrepreneur José Ardon Epitomizes the 5Ps’ to boost mindset for greater success

Entrepreneur José Ardon Epitomizes the 5Ps’ to boost mindset for greater success

There is more to success than just keeping your nose to the grindstone. Consistently maintaining the right mindset goes a long way towards helping you stick to the path of success. There is a common belief that those from scarce background may find it harder to gain success. However, it is not true. Rather people with limited resources are often quite the opposite. They can be more competent, confident and they do not just boast about their potential, but let their actions speak their ideals. For such a person to become successful, it is easier, as they have the mindset developed already.

While thinking of one person with such attributes, the name of José Ardon, a well-known entrepreneur from Latin America. When he was just seventeen years old, José Ardon left his country with just $100 in his pocket and he headed to USA. It took him several months to reach there. Only a few people could take such a daring step, but he could do it. Raised in a humble environment, he didn’t let that be the deterrent. He read a book titled ‘Think and Grow Rich’ written by Napoleon Hill regularly, and he decided to change his life forever. His journey to America was meant to explore new growth opportunities, to acquire skills and knowledge and to provide a good life to his family.

Here are the 5 P’s to build a proper mindset for a successful endeavor as shared by José Ardon.

  • Passion to master the skills and work hard
  • Perception of the marketing trends and the existing opportunities
  • Potential to make the right moves and take timely actions
  • Persistence to learn and keep abreast of the existing trends and practices
  • Proactiveness to initiate exclusive tasks and gain the competitive edge

José is 30 and has accomplished what many can only dream of. He has helped his countrymen explore the benefits of his industry and has transformed their destiny. He is now striving to build a huge network of one million distributors in the next 3 years.

“Let your hope, not your hurt shape up your future.”- (Robert H. Schuller). As compared to many entrepreneurs, he just does not do business but he goes a step ahead and wants to add value to the lives of people. He encourages them to have a clear mission and contributes to in his own way to the progress of Latin America! A vision too big but not unachievable and José is making a difference!

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