Atto Hamdy: How to Run a Business During Pandemic

Atto Hamdy: How to Run a Business During Pandemic

Running an online business pre-pandemic is hard enough. So, in order to help you start and maintain a successful business company during COVID-19, we have gathered for you some of the most important tips from experienced businessman Abdulrahman Hamdy, widely known as Atto Hamdy. Since the pandemic, it has become imperative to businessmen to consider what the post-COVID world is going to look like in the marketing realm.

Before delving into the core of this topic, let me define for you the term ‘pandemic’. As per definitions from Oxford Languages Dictionary, “a pandemic is an outbreak of a disease that exceeds the region of a country and actively affects the world as whole”. Currently, the entire world is going through a pandemic. Since the early outbreak of coronavirus in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared an outbreak of a virus known as COVID-19.

Because of the death tolls brought upon our generation by this pandemic, most businesses have no choice but to halt its activities, which without a doubt has affected most business activities negatively. However, many successful businessmen such as Atto Hamdy, have figured a way around it by completing most of their work online, and utilizing the internet as business tool, to help maintain the business while still following the WHO’s protocol and curfew restrictions accordingly.

Atto says that, “the pandemic has indeed accelerated significantly, which of course gave us a reason to go ‘digital’ with our business”. He explained that going online has helped reduce the damage done to his business, and has helped him communicate better with his clients and fans. “There are many advantages to doing a business online,” Atto added. “Not only do I get to communicate with my regular clients and fans, but I am also able to reach a bigger crowd on Zoom, Skype, and Insta-live”.

It is true too! Never before have we been so hooked into Amazon or Zoom to easily get through the day, which suggests that as digital marketers, we would like to form decisions that use these new ideas to our advantage. The ‘online market’ strategy can simply be used and plugged successfully post-pandemic. Since it becomes easier to use these tools to extend your efficiency and increase your Return on Investment (ROI).

These are 6 of Atto Hamdy’s tips on how to run a business during a pandemic:

1. Specialise in the purchasers you have already got

2. Move everything online if possible and work from home

3. Invest in Facebook ads, and other SNS ads

4. Run exclusive deals and offers to regular clients and offer discounts

5. Give your communication strategy an overhaul

6. Specialize in a couple of main paid advertising channels

As I discussed above, PPC ads such as Google Ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads can be a great help to your businesses, especially, since everybody has time now to go ‘page-hopping’. For this reason, it is helpful to focus most of the PPC efforts on those channels. Similarly, if you’ve got a business-related tool or service sort of a keyword research tool, LinkedIn would be your go-to.

Use these strategies to survive and thrive within the age of COVID-19. For more advices, follow Atto Hamdy on his social media handles: Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

By Lubna Hassan Amin