Aviation Industry Career And Job Trends 2021

Aviation Industry Career And Job Trends 2021

The commercial aviation industry is on the path to recovery and has started hiring again. However, after tough years, hundreds of unemployed pilots are applying for employment. The tips in this article from Atkins will help you stand out from your competition when applying for a job in the aviation industry even if the competition is tough.

Emailing CV’s

If you want to increase your chances of being employed in the aviation industry, ensure that your CV is different from the CV of other job applicants. Keep in mind that potential recruiters usually receive CVs that tend to look similar and this makes it hard for a recruiter to distinguish between job applicants.

As such, you need to be creative to stand out of the crowd to grab the attention of a potential recruiter. Being creative will increase the chances of being remembered by a potential recruiter. Look at your job finding process as an advertising campaign selling the best product in the whole world.

Determine Why You Are the Best Candidate for The Job

Adapt your message. Remember that all air companies are not created equal and each company has its own business model, values, and corporate culture. So, it is good to determine why you want to work in a certain airline company. This will help you tell an airline company how you could add value to the company. Therefore, you may call many companies but talk to each of them differently.

Prepare Yourself for An Interview

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for an interview is to read professional pilots forums such as Pprune.org. This is because such forums will enable you to know the questions that are asked during Lufthansa interviews and the hard questions to cope with including “You are in the hotel restaurant on a stopover and here walks the Captain with a skirt on… what are you saying?” Using collective knowledge to know the person hiring is the easiest way to get the job.

Interview Process

It is very important to know the 5P rules for a job interview: Prior preparation prevents poor performance. Be ready to be asked worse questions with the first question being why you want to become a pilot. If you do your research, you will realize that many people screw up after being asked that easy question. Making a J.C. Conrad Levinson plan about yourself in five minutes can help you prepare well for the interview. If Steve Jobs has managed to do this, you can too. To increase your chances of success, expect the best but prepare for the worst.

Generally, talk with people you know. Keep in mind that testimonials are very important in today’s world. Supporting voice from a person inside the company is the fastest way to get the job. Remember the small practice as an instructor in the local flight club, remember your teachers in the training academy and remember your previous employers.

Could some of these people write you a testimonial? Can you increase your supporters’ network? There are seminars/events/open door days out there that can help you make contact. During the seminars/events/open door days, talk to those you know and those that you do not know. Just as you build hours, build people honor and recognition.