Five Tips to Help You Enter the Construction Industry

Five Tips to Help You Enter the Construction Industry

The construction industry has become one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia, it is a large and diverse field, that requires unity between all who work in it, from general laborers to engineers and architects. Considering the fact that the property market is very active, there are many job prospects at the moment and that continues to grow.

If you have been interested in a career in construction and do not know where to begin, check five tips from SCS for starting a career in the construction industry. This is going to show you everything you need to know about the world of construction and help you choose your path.

Become Certified

The construction field is a skilled occupation, and will generally require a special certification to become employed. Qualifications will vary in the construction industry, however, all will typically include some form of onsite training. One of the more common ways of entering into this field is through a graduate job or apprenticeship, Kangan Institute offers the Certificate IV in Building and Construction. These have been designed for individuals seeking to become registered in Victoria as a domestic builder. Traineeships have been designed for professionals, team leaders, and front line managers in the construction industry.

Students will have the opportunity to study construction details of costing, building codes, management services, OHS certification, structural principles as well as other essential components of the construction industry. These types of qualifications are essential during skill development and early learning. Trained professionals will work with you throughout a number of construction fields allowing you to learn vast knowledge that acts as a foundation to your career.

Choosing Your Trade

There are a number of choices for a career in the construction industry. When you choose the optimal career path for yourself, you need to be sure that you choose work that you will enjoy and be able to continue for a number of years. It is generally wise to consider the overall long term prospects in the career as well as the average amount of hours you are required. For example, if you choose to work an average of ten hours per week, you may need to focus on other jobs on the side.

Trades can vary between plumbing, roofing, bricklaying, welding, carpentry, tiling, and other potential careers. From skilled trades to project managers and 3D software modelers, there are multiple careers to enter in the industry. If you are unsure what trade is best for you, consider work experience, which will allow you the opportunity to try a number of trades.

Accept Assistance and Directions

When another individual offers assistance, it is usually best to take the time and listen as well as ask any questions that you may have to ensure you are always doing your best. Keep in mind that any direction you are given is likely due to safety precautions or it is a more efficient way to carry out a singular piece of work. Keep in mind that any direction you are given is likely due to safety precautions or it is a more efficient way to carry out a singular piece of work. If you disregard these instructions and continue to do things your own way, you are putting not only yourself in danger but that of your team. If you believe there is a better way to complete a task, set some time aside and talk to a member of management or a superior. Asking questions at this point in your career is invaluable, always remember that you are there to learn and it is best to use the professionals that surround you.

Keeping a Positive Attitude

During your career path, it is always important to keep a positive attitude around those you work with. Having character traits such as punctuality and flexibility will ensure a bright future If you show up to work late each day on the construction site, this is simply not going to be received well. Many companies will hold safety training meetings first thing in the morning and if you are not there to attend, you may be sent home early

Working in the construction industry means you’ll be changing locations and learning various tasks when required. By keeping a flexible attitude will help keep you on the job until it is completed and gives you a much higher chance of being asked to come back for future work. When you work in the construction industry, it is important that you begin building a reputable reputation as soon as possible. Always deliver what you say you’re going to and if you are unable to do so, always ask for assistance.


One of the easiest ways to find available jobs that are close to you is to simply get in touch with employers. If you are able to build strong professional relationships with various businesses, the chances are high that they will reach out to you early and give you the inside edge you need to succeed in this business. There are a number of ways in which you connect with employees, including reaching out directly, consulting with various recruitment agencies, attending industry events, as well as online networks. Regardless of how you choose to network with various companies, you always want to present yourself in a friendly and professional manner that is going to make an incredible long-lasting impression.