Bag&Bones Neons: Taking Interior Design to the Next Level

Bag&Bones Neons: Taking Interior Design to the Next Level

Between Pinterest and Instagram, it is now easier than ever to enter a seemingly endless loop of looking for the latest trends in interior design. With all this variety of ideas, though, for most of us it can be difficult to find the time and money to do a complete overhaul of our space to change the mood or style. 

Interior design can help create a unique atmosphere within any apartment space. By carefully selecting pieces that are both stylish and functional, interior designers can make sure that each room is designed for maximum comfort and aesthetic appeal. With careful consideration of the details such as lighting, artwork and decorations, an interior designer can create an inviting atmosphere for anyone living in the space. Check out the apartments for rent in Savannah.

In 2016, the London-based company bag&bones, ran by sisters Gigi and Cavanagh Foyle, introduced a true game-changer: affordable, sustainable, and stylish neon lighting. 

bag&bones was the first company in the UK to specialise solely in LED neon for private customers. LED is the key word here: the bag&bones’ lights use LEDs rather than neon gas, and flexible tubing instead of glass. This solution renders the lamps more affordable to purchase and use, more durable, and more sustainable – the plug-and-go LEDs are far less harmful to the environment than conventional neon lights. 

bag&bones is more of a neon art label rather than a conventional retail company, and their lamps are created specifically with interior design in mind. Gigi Foyle says that the aim of her company is simple: “we want to ignite people’s imagination through our illuminations and we want to create illuminations powered by imagination.” 

Gigi suggests a five-step process for working neon into your space. Firstly, start with the neon – rather than adding it in as an after-thought, it’s better to make it the focal point and then work on everything else around it. 

Secondly, pick the colour carefully – colour psychology plays an important role in designing an interior that suits its purpose. Adding a neon light of a specific colour can change the mood of the entire room. 

For instance, blue and green are recommended for office spaces – the colours have a calming effect that fosters productivity and clarity. Red, meanwhile, is among the top choices for kitchens and hang-out spaces – it’s a high-energy colour that induces a party mood. 

Thirdly, make it personal to you – ideally, it should reflect something that’s important to you. While there are plenty of designs in various colours to choose from on the bag&bones website, the company also offers the option of designing your own custom neon. Think of the possibilities! It could be a motivational quote, a symbol that’s significant to you or your family, an abstract shape to go with the design of your apartment – just about anything, as long as it doesn’t make too complex an image. 

The fourth piece of advice is to go for a neon sign if you’re working from home – it’ll make your home office an inspiring and creative space. 

Lastly, the most intriguing tip: the mixed media route. One of the latest trends in incorporating neon into interior design is overlaying art prints with neon. When done well – taking the neon, the print, the space, and the combined effect into account – this is sure to be the talking point in any room. 

Check out the bag&bones website to see the designs, and follow the company’s Instagram for some truly inspiring, stylish interior design ideas.