CatchFood app launches early as a public service during COVID-19 crisis

CatchFood app launches early as a public service during COVID-19 crisis

A new five free mobile application has been launched to help Middle East to get pick up ordering during the coronavirus emergency. The app, CatchFood Online, will help restaurant owners manage online orders and dispatch deliveries food.

The app has been developed for the restaurant and Small Business in middle east as Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan,and Iraq, on-demand technology service provider.

“We were planning to launch our app this summer, but the current coronavirus crisis has pushed our team to an early release,”catchfood Online Founder and CEO Ahmad A. Najar said. “The service will be free during this crisis. We only ask the public to stay at home and check the menus to order through the free service.”

Catchfood Online has an active of registering 500 restaurants in three weeks.

“The app is a public service in the Middle east,” restaurant and Small Business. Founder catch food. “ We encourage restaurant owners to contact the team of catch food Online ordering, upload their menu and start using the app and website. It is an easy way to bring all restaurant to the digital on-demand world and the safest way is to order food online from home”

Restaurant owners can register for free by visiting the website by the register a new merchant. People can download the catchfood Online mobile app from Google Play or the App Store or by visiting catch food.

“We are happy to help the restaurants  to active this service,” Ahmad A. Najar Founder and CEO. “catchfood seeks to become a partner in solving on-demand ordering pick up and delivery issues during this moment of crisis.”