Best Indie Songs of 2019 (Indie Music Charts)

The Charts Combined

Rolling Stoner, Urban Listing, Top Guide Mag, Indie Snuffle, James Smore & More have joined forces to determine the best 10 indie songs of the year!

#1 StrangeJuice – Diet Pills

Aussie Psychedelic Rockers blow our minds again with another beautifully bizarre album

#2 Angel Du$t – Bigg Ass Love

“The songs are very much Angel Du$t, while the production is some whole other shit,” the band said in statement late last year.

#3 Lorne Vincent – Sorry For Wasting Your Time

Eerie release from Lorne Vincent, bastard child of Foreign Architects lead singer and former girlfriend, Andrew Barnett

#4 Bleached – Can You Deal

vocalist-guitarist Jennifer Clavin Whitewashes our ears with this gem

#5 Foreign Architects – L’ascenseur

Australian Sensation Foreign Architects spitball paper machet into our proverbial eyeballs with a new track as daring as their last

#6 Fever 333 – Burn It

rap-rocking Angelenos are coming on strong and daring, modernly reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine

#7 Hatchie – Try

A shoegaze pace with psychedelic twangle undertones, Hatchie soaks us in a bed of soft guitars and vocals

#8 Jade Bird – uh huh

21-year old singer-songwriter belts it out while making eye-contact like an interrogating police officer

#9 Vampire Weekend – Harmony Hall

“We took a vow in summertime Now we find ourselves in late December” simply lovely#10 Catfish and the Bottlemen – Longshot

Sucked the colour from the world and placed into the ears of the listener with this artistic piece