Biography of Aria Keoxer, YouTuber and professional and popular Iranian gamer

Biography of Aria Keoxer, YouTuber and professional and popular Iranian gamer

Aria Rahmati (born December 18, 1996), better known by his online Aria Keoxer, is an Iranian streamer, Youtuber & professional gamer

at the beginning, he started uploading gaming videos and console comparisons, the videos became popular in Iranian gaming community, till now he has more than 700 videos about Let’s Plays, reactions, scary games and vlogs on his YouTube channel.

He collected more than 10,000$ donation less than 2 hours during one of his live streams while he was playing video games and donated all the money to people with flood victim in Sistan and Baluchistan
He has started his activity with Counter Strike, he has won several tournaments in Iran, but his popularity started to increase when he started uploading walkthroughs,Lets plays and reactions on his YouTube channel.
You can read a brief interview with Aria Keoxer below

Aria, tell us what life is like for a gamer?

You have to be in the place of these people to know that life with its games and stories sets special events and gives a new perspective to the gamer. Being a gamer is a job and in most countries of the world, large investments are made and many people try to produce attractive effects. People in every job have a special kind of habits that will eventually become the basic principle for a professional job.

Is it a fact that gamers care more about their game character than their real life people?

Most gamers care more about their favorite game characters in real life than the rest of them. In fact, it is the characters that make a game popular or, conversely, cause it to fail, which is why companies are trying to pay more attention to characterization than anything else. In the real world, people go to people who love and are attracted to their character, so in the game world, they will go to their favorite characters, and sometimes they will be more lovable than other people.

Have you ever noticed the passage of time while playing?

For a gamer, the beginning and end of the game is not up to him, especially if the game is held online. The game is so fun that the gamer even remembers when time passes and when it turns from morning to night. For example, you are part of the difficult stage of Call of Duty, and this is why you can not eat your lunch and dinner on time until you are finished and successful in one stage. If the gamer plays with his teammates online, this issue will become more complicated and he can not leave the game even for a moment and he will notice the passage of time when it is already midnight.