Bitop Exchange Committed To Be The Best CFD Trading Platform For Investors

Bitop Exchange Committed To Be The Best CFD Trading Platform For Investors

Designed for both advanced and beginning investors, Bitop Exchange provides customers with just about every trading tool adoption they can imagine, like apps for desktop and mobile devices that are remarkably similar and intuitive, and they’re an excellent choice for a multitude of reasons.

Education at Its Best

Commited to offer the best user experience, Bitop Exhchange offers continue education to its users with real-time trade alerts, cost analysis tools, and important information about trading options – allowing users to learn how to control their entire portfolio and make big plays in an instant, or just take stock of what they have entirely before making a decision.

Moreover, the crypto platform uses a single copy trading system where new users can use small funds to trade and operate contracts through simulated trading, helping them familiarize themselves with CFD trading and making it simple to start their journey in the cryptocurrency world. Beginners trying to navigate this intricate trading market will love this feature.

Sense of Community

Bitop Exchange not only educates users but rewards them for being part of their community by offering a handful of community rewards such as allowing holders to participate in decision-making on major operational matters like coin uploading voting, community self-governance decisions and future development planning voting by initiating smart contracts.

Revamping and Offering Low Commission Rates

Whether users are just starting their investment journey or  if they are experienced traders, Bitop offers some of the best transaction fees making it one of the best CFD trading platforms overall for long-term use. In a recent tweet they have announced that Takers and makers will be charged a  0.15%,  granting users the chance to grow in their trading experience.

High-Priority Security

To avoid manipulation of the market price of assets, Bitop has real-time market surveillance and compliance system that detects suspicious activities such as abnormal large trades, pass-through trades, wash trades, spoofing, layering and more. In addition, the platform has an Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Anti Market Manipulation (AMM) algorithm that notifies the exchange of any signs of illicit activity.

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