Bitop is Changing the Way We Trade in Cryptocurrency

Bitop is Changing the Way We Trade in Cryptocurrency

Singapore, October 2021 – Bitop’s technology has been capable of stretching further by providing applied science that has opened the door to other forms of wealth such as privacy, decentralization and safety from third parties. The highly secured crypto exchange has integrated a social trading system which allows users to copy any trading strategies from professional traders, minimizing the risk and losses.

Moreover, their first-class technology grants access to its own Blockchain which ensures ease of trade, allows scalability and concedes users with a friendly trading environment.

The platform offers exclusive trade learning resources which allow people with little or no trading experience gain access to great educational resources which will help them scale their trading skills and boost profitability.

Furthermore, with its own Blockchain, Bitop is redefining the meaning of wealth in a society that has experienced changing values in the wake of the recent health crisis where technology will emerge as a disruptive force across a wide range of industries.

BTOP Token

With a total supply of 2 billion BTOP tokens, the digital exchange platform has revolutionized lending, consumerism, business models and security with its own business value transfer medium circulating on the platform which has the dual functions of payment method and identity marking in the Bitop ecosystem.  At the same time, Bitop offers an affiliate program where users can earn a certain portion of their referred user’s transaction fee as commission. The portal follows a tiered rebate ratio for its members and the cap limit is fixed at 15%.

The underlying ethos of Bitop has been to decentralize power away from central banks through digital finance, making technology a driving force in a post-pandemic society that’s becoming increasingly wary of leading institutions.

About Bitop

Founded in 2018 and with offices in Singapore, United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Bitop Exchange is a robust digital assets trading platform which is fastly becoming one of the most renowned digital assets exchanges. It supports CFD trading, Margin trading, Spot trading and many more.

With a diverse ecosystem that includes an exchange platform, a new cryptocurrency as well as an e-wallet system, it grants customers the best environment to trade and increase the effectiveness of transactions. The platform is managed by a team of professionals with plenty of years of experience in the financial industry and who are ready to take the platform to the highest global standard.

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