How to Buy Bitcoin

The crypto-economy has hit a pinnacle this year, and people are emerging en masse to add Bitcoins to their portfolios. Referred to as the “gold standard” of crypto, Bitcoin is one of the most versatile digital currencies While there’s much more to be explored, the cryptocurrency is still making its way to the mainstream market. Brandon Mintz, Founder, President, and CEO of Bitcoin Depot®, offers tips on different ways people can use their cryptocurrency to their benefit.

This year, several finance gurus have claimed that Bitcoin will soon become a hedge and replace gold. While this prediction remains to be seen, there’s more than just that one reason to buy crypto. “We are approaching the limit of mining the last Bitcoin, and prices are projected to inflate for the crypto king. This is good news, as you are eligible to buy many regular items using BTC,” says Mintz. 

Trade Crypto Online 

Trades are the primary reason why people are investing in Bitcoin. Once you purchase your BTC online, you can buy or sell your coins as you like, depending on market trends. While prices have recently plunged, many investors are buying their stacks of the digital currency now, only to sell it later when the demands rise. 

A Thoughtful Gift

Gifting crypto is another trend becoming popular among enthusiasts. Bitcoin Depot offers users a way to give some BTC to your friends and loved ones. “Gifting can easily be done by getting a voucher. These vouchers are great as you can create your own or get one made through a third-party service,” shares Mintz. 

Gifting crypto doesn’t just have to be a gift; you can also donate Bitcoin  and other cryptos to charity. Both the gifting and donation processes are bound under similar laws and regulations, such as taxation, though specific cases may vary. For example, if you receive a gift, you do not have to report it unless you decide to sell the coins, which will result in some taxes per the regulations. 

Some enterprises are also accepting Bitcoin in exchange for gift cards and gift vouchers to buy products online or in-store. In fact, a 2020 survey conducted by HSB concluded that 36% of small-medium businesses in the US accept Bitcoin. 

“While we are still waiting for e-commerce giants like Amazon to step in the crypto game, the exponential rise of businesses that accept crypto is a good sign for the digital economy,” Mintz says. 

Get Almost Anything You Want

Today we can see some major companies like Microsoft, AT&T, Burger King, Express VPN, Gyft, CheapAir, and many others rolling with the crypto-economy. There’s a long list of stores, vendors, and companies accepting Bitcoins, which makes it more exciting than ever to see how people will buy their morning subs and coffee using crypto’s most popular currency.

“It’s wild to think of something so intangible yet approachable taking over the market. This is why I knew that cash-to-crypto service would be the next game-changer. With our ATMs, we are making cryptocurrency more accessible than ever,” concludes Mintz. “You can buy your crypto using a wallet, take advantage of their cash-to-crypto ATMs, or even opt for the OTC Trading service through Bitcoin Depot.” 


ANTS makes trade easier

When talking about future trend, the development trend of cryptocurrency is an inescapable word.

Along with the development of technology, more and more enterprises become to focus on digitalization, and black-chain accelerates the birth of cryptocurrency. To speed up the trade flow of cryptocurrency, ANTS has simplified the complex trade process. To learn more about it, please click on and Everyone needs to know the cryptocurrency trade.

The best choice for beginners: convenient trade experience

For those who know about cryptocurrency, it is not difficult to find a suitable trade platform.

But for those who have no extra time to learn about the trade system of cryptocurrency, or those who have limited knowledge about it and want to trade through cryptocurrency agent, ANTS would be a good choice for its easier operation and understanding.

ANTS Pledge to Generate Interest: Substantial gains

The Pledge to Generate Interest means that we can deposit cryptocurrency pledges in the coin pool and earn the corresponding pledge to generate substantial interest. With high return rate, long-term stability, and no closed circle, you will be able to deposit and withdrawal freely.

The daily rate of return of the platform is between 0.39% to 1.03%, which is higher than ordinary investment and financial management,  and the risk is lower than traditional investment.

Super industry standard service platform: safe and reliable

As the leader in the industry, ANTS has been growing in researching. Especially in terms of security, the platform has been sticking to cautiousness.

To promote the establishment of internet security law, we warmly remind you to avoid telecom fraud.

We promise that we would never call our clients on the phone. Whenever you receive a call who claimed to be ANTS, please be aware of fraud.

As for now, the development of cryptocurrency industry is still promising. We suggest those new beginners to choose ANTS for a convenient, safe and reliable service. Please click on and

Business, the Website of cryptocurrency exchange Ants, Make it Through the Days

The sudden COvid-19 outbreak broke the highly anticipated 2020 into a hideous mess.

As the epidemic was rampant, the Fed resorted to quantitative easing policies, the cryptocurrency market was enviably booming when Bitcoin once rose to $65000, an all-time high.

Tesla, PayPal and other traditional institutions also flooded into the game; the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase was listed on Nasdaq; NFT become popular among more people, and El Salvador recognized bitcoin as the national fiat currency; the list could go on.

Cryptocurrency is variously linked to the world.

As the global world is imposing strict regulations on the cryptocurrency exchange, Ants’ website or is positively open to the supervisions by strengthening compliant management, hence it is the first to be out of woods and grows stably.


BAP Token Provides Easy Access to Cryptocurrency via Global ATMs

BAP token has created a token that pays token holders a 10% dividend from ATM fees

Bitcoin ATM Pros has launched their BAP token, which is easily accessible and earns holders a portion of 10% of the dividends from their ATM fees. The BAP ATMs, which they plan to expand globally, offer both a buy and sell option. With this ecosystem, BAP token is on a mission to provide easy access to cryptocurrency to as many individuals as possible around the globe.

Many cities, communities, countries and entire nations around the world do not have reliable banking systems or even a legitimate currency structure.BAP is determined to solve this problem using their own cryptocurrency.

“Our multiple-utility token not only gives people access to a reliable currency system, but also helps them to earn a generous return from their initial investment,” says Bitcoin ATM Pros founder Michael Cuillard. “On average, our ATMs generate a minimum of $50,000 each in annual fees. This means that by the time we place our 600th ATM, we will generate over $30,000,000 in profits annually. Of that amount, $3,000,000 would go back to token holders in form of additional BAP tokens.”

During the current pre-sale, BAPtokens are selling at $0.05 – a 91.38%discount on the eventual price of $0.58. BAP token currently has a total supply of 750,000,000 BAP, of which 70% have been reserved for buyers. Once all the tokens have been distributed, investors will be paid in ETH. With this dividend payout structure, early investors can maximize their wealth and overall prosperity in the crypto space.

BAP token will use funds from the initial sales of the token to directly fund the expansion of their ATMs and over-the-counter exchanges.At the moment, there are 10 initial investment tiers, with the final tier reaching a token price of $0.58. Once BAP token sells 180,058,211 tokens, they will launch their token through their own token and place at least 110 ATMs worldwide.With time, BAP token plans to expand to every area that is underserved in the category of digital asset availability. In this way, the sale of BAP tokens will help fund continuous growth of the system.

Bitcoin ATM Pros is committed to creating financial freedom for everyone. The infrastructure they’ve builtis designed to take the liberty offered by cryptocurrency to all the ends of the world. With this ecosystem, BAP is helping the financially underprivileged to easily access reliable money transmitting services.

About Bitcoin ATM Pros

Bitcoin ATM Pros has launched BAP token – a multiple-utility token that earns holders a 10% dividend from their crypto ATM fees.Since BAP token has MSB licensing and is a money transmitter through FinCEN, BAP ATMs offer both a buy and sell option. With their cryptocurrency, Bitcoin ATM Pros aims to provide the financially underprivileged with easily accessible money transmitting services.







Phone: 858-444-7222


A 1 Minute Review of Trailanx

Trailanx is a unique platform that allows you to earn interest on your cryptocurrency investments and Also swap/exchange your cryptocurrency in a few minutes on the binance Smart Chain . Interest rates on their Earn program vary by distribution method and coin, but you can expect to earn between 10% and 20% interest monthly on your investments. 

Trailanx allows users to swap Tokens on the binance smart chain by using defi wallets like trustwallet. It Also allows users to earn interest from its Trailanx earn products. Trailanx earn yields interest for users from investments in Yield Farms and Spot – Futures Arbitrage.

Trailanx also owns Bitcoin Mining Farms which users can invest in.

Best For

  • Long-term cryptocurrency investors
  • Those who already hold a stablecoin or alt-coin
  • Beginners who are new to cryptocurrency savings accounts
  • Traders who want to stay off volatile and bearish markets.


  • High-yield savings accounts earn up to 15% monthly interest on coins and fiat currencies
  • Comprehensive management Interface
  • Advanced security features and insurance
  • Fast Digital Exchange for swapping Binance smart Chain tokens
  • Fireblock security on deposits
  • Experienced Management team
  • In built Decentralised Exchange for users to swap Binance Smart Tokens using their trust wallet


  • Fewer educational resources than some competitors
  • Little publicity

Trailanx  Fees and Account Minimums

As a crypto Investment and Trading platform, Trailanx charges its users very few fees. Similar to a traditional savings account, Trailanx doesn’t charge any type of account maintenance fee, and you’re free to withdraw your cryptocurrency at any time without facing charges. 

Trailanx covers all transaction fees on your account end, which means that you’ll only pay brokerage fees when you transfer directly from an exchange wallet to your Nexo account. These fees will vary depending on the broker that you use. There is no minimum amount of cryptocurrency that you must deposit into your Trailanx account in order to begin earning interest.

Withdrawal minimums for cryptocurrencies vary depending on the type of crypto you’re holding in your wallet. Bitcoin has the lowest withdrawal minimum at 50USD

Trailanx Ease of Use

If you’ve never used a cryptocurrency Investment platform before, Trailanx can be an excellent place to begin your savings journey. With a simple, straightforward and clean layout, mastering trailanx takes only a few minutes. 

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite features that make the platform exceptionally simple for beginners.

  • Quick signups. Creating an account with will take only a few minutes for most users. Simply answer a few questions regarding your personal information, confirm your account, and get started with a comprehensive mobile or desktop platform.
  • Straightforward platform. Platform layouts are also exceptionally easy to navigate — especially for beginners who don’t have experience transferring or trading cryptocurrencies. Instantly view your available balance, holdings.

The Application of FIC in the Mining Ecosystem of Cryptocurrency

The world economy is surging, investment and wealth management business has become the fastest growing business in global finance. The digital economy takes the lead, and digital currency investment is reshaping the world economic landscape.

Since the birth of blockchain technology in 2008, the digital currency industry led by Bitcoin has developed rapidly, with investment income reaching tens of thousands of times, making it the biggest dark horse in the investment world. The considerable profit has attracted the attention of a large number of investors, who have devoted themselves to the mining market, leading to a surge in the computing power of the entire network.

However, the existing computing power resources continue to gather to the top players, like the so-called “mine lords” who can determine the income distribution rules, and personal gains cannot be guaranteed.

The world needs a decentralized digital currency investment product, FIC turned out to be right for you!

FIC is needed for hiring miners to increase computing power for pledged mining, and for the transaction fees of decentralized exchanges. All miner fees and transaction fees are regularly burned. Unique computing power improvement logic and the regular burning mechanism make sure the value of FIC to rise infinitely. And by weighting index contracts of multiple mainstream currencies, market fluctuations can be effectively mitigated, thereby creating more stable and less risky investment opportunities.

FIC provides multiple functions such as value sniffing, pledge, mining, trading, private chat, etc. It also launches mainstream index-tracking funds, innovative index-tracking funds, index interactive arbitrage stable funds, high-frequency index funds, etc. It actively integrates big data and uses artificial intelligence to adjust mining strategies in a timely manner to achieve stable returns with minimal risks, making the concept of aggregate value investment a reality.

FIC is here to blaze new trails. It uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things to build diversified pledge mining, distributed storage, and super node, so as to bring unparalleled high ROI.

The platform adopts the POW and POS modes in parallel, fully covering multiple currencies, and actively exploring the opportunities of staking economy under the POS mechanism. Users do not need to purchase physical mining machines, they can directly use FIC’s cloud mining platform and participate in global high-quality mining pools with one click. Users only need to hire miners to increase their computing power to achieve fast and convenient mining and obtain digital assets, FICs, accordingly.

The foundation of FIC’s ecosystem bases completely on blockchain technology. Assets are under the control of individuals, and the application of the aggregation engine allows more users to shuttle freely in the world of value investment. Clearing and settlement are completed through smart contracts in real-time, achieving a more efficient, convenient and safe transaction experience. By minimizing dependence on trust, the cost of trust between individuals is reduced.

FIC expects everyone to be their own master, freely mobilize their own assets, and find assets that are worth investing. FIC builds an autonomous ecosystem on the basis of decentralization, privacy and fairness, which guarantees the security of value investment and fairness of each investor’s financial participation, stays away from the dangers in centralized finance and builds a truly decentralized investment ecosystem and a closed value loop.

The future is here, so as a prosperous era. Let’s invest in FIC and head towards our “Future”!

FIC provides everyone with the opportunity to change their destiny and wealth; FIC is a great practitioner who creates a better version of the world’s financial system!


12% of Surveyed US Teens Claimed to Have Traded in Cryptocurrency – Venture Capital Finance

About 12% of US teens claim to have traded cryptocurrency, but the trend is marked by a  major gender gap, with as much as 81% of these teens being male, according to a recent survey carried out by investment bank and institutional securities firm Venture Capital Finance

The survey, which provides a snapshot for Spring 2021 based on responses collected from  7,000 teenagers across 47 US states, shows that a decreasing share of teens say that the US  economy is getting worse. However, the view is still dominant among the respondents, at 46%,  compared with 48% last Fall. Only 25% of the surveyed teens say that US economy is improving. 

The teen ‘self-reported’ spending slightly increased to USD 2,165 this Spring, up 1%  sequentially, of which parent contribution represented 61%. 

Additionally, one-third of teens (33%) declared they hold a part-time job, a level which has remained unchanged from Fall 2020. However, this share is below the 37% level reported in  Spring 2020. 

“Cash is (still) king for teens as top payment method followed by Apple Pay; Venmo is the most used payment app,” Piper Sandler said in a summary of the report’s findings. Among the social media platforms, Snapchat is their favorite (31% share), followed by TikTok  (30%) and Instagram (24%, down 700 basis points year-over-year). Meanwhile, in the  Cryptoverse, Twitter is commonly thought to be the main platform, followed by Reddit. 

Per Axios, “Gen Z has embraced the stock market as a place to make short-term gains.”  TikTok is home to numerous accounts from teens who claim to have invested in bitcoin (BTC)  and stocks like Netflix and Tesla and to have turned USD 10,000 into USD 50,000 over the course of the past year. 

Barriers to entry in the stock market have never been lower, while creating new stock-investing apps has never been easier, the article noted. 

“The psychology of American exceptionalism, coupled with a challenging path to financial progress for Gen Z, are two of the largest cultural drivers [which], coupled with recent technology shifts, portend that active investing is here to stay,” wrote Andreessen Horowitz partners Anish Acharya and Matthieu Hafemeister. 

Meanwhile, the average age of the survey’s participants is 16.1 years which is below the current age threshold for using major crypto trading platforms such as Coinbase. In 2017, the exchange changed its policy and currently accepts only users aged 18 and older. Prior to the shift, users aged 13-18 were eligible to use the platform with parental consent. The same goes for another US crypto exchange, Kraken, which states that its users must be  “18 years or older of age”.


RealLink: The Better Cryptocurrency of Next Generation

We live in a rapidly changing world. There is no doubt that blockchain technology will bring profound changes to people’s daily life. It is going to be applied in every industry and connect them all. At present, the research and development of blockchain has already became a national strategy in many countries. Hence RealLink was born in this times.   

RealLink rebuilds tipping culture on the internet. It is considered the better cryptocurrency of next generation. RealLink is the first cryptocurrency that has value and price as well. RealLink also ranks first by number of users who apply in real transaction. RealLink upholds “green cryptocurrency, link is mining” and it is the first cryptocurrency that makes “green cryptocurrency” come true. RealLink mining will not cause damage of your devices and it totally observes the guidelines for developers made by App Store and Google Play Store. The perfect fusion of RealLink and decentralized APPs is seen as a major landmark in that cryptocurrency is popularized in the world.   

Every RealLink comes from quality content produced by creators and time they contribute. And it also is related to currency sent by fans. Meanwhile, products that joined  RealLink project have strong desire to purchase RealLink in exchanges and make sure RealLink strengthened steadily in order to ensure that their products’ content ecosystem will keep a sustainable development.

FaceCast APP has over 10 million active users and has joined RealLink project. It is the first cryptocurrency that combines with APPs. And it is different from dogecoin and bitcoin. Those cryptocurrency only got numerous holders who can’t apply them in real transactions.

 RealLink is a new green cryptocurerncy, aims at building pan-entertainment ecosystem and stimulates creators create good contents for RealLink ecosystem. Anyone who joins in and contributes to this ecosystem will get reward. Creators create content to mine. Content consumers consume content to mine. Entertainment is mining. 

RealLink is open to several products at begging, and it gets social entertainment products involved including FaceCast. At present, you can download and use FaceCast to mine.

For now you can get RealLink rewarded in this app in these two ways. The first way is to broadcast to receive gifts from users as a streamer. The second way is to send gifts to streamers and when the gift revenue increases to a certain amount, the RealLink will be released and all users are able to gain at random in live room.

Specifically, when gift revenue increases to a certain amount of dollars in the APP, it will trigger a treasure box. And the treasure box will appear in the live room where gift revenue account for the most of total gifts sent. All users can tap the treasure box to get RealLink from it. Besides, the RealLink in one treasure box will be divided into a certain amount of shares. And all users watching broadcast are able to gain at random. All RealLink mined will be distributed to all users and streamers at random. Significantly, all mining records’ signature will be stored in blockchain.

RealLink starts with the great new idea of “social interaction is mining and link is mining”, connects with pan-entertainment industry in the world and aims at forming a pan-entertainment ecosystem connecting each other in the world. RealLink provides a solid foundation for various pan-entertainment businesses. At present, it is open to social entertainment products at begging, and the target will gradually get multicultural pan-entertainment products involved, such as games, literature, film and television, animation, and derivatives. From the initial independent development, it gradually moves to the stage of product linkage, mutual integration and development and sharing the economic benefits of the entire industry, forming an business cluster effect and creating huge economic benefits.


Georgios Dalgkitsis sets an example of churning profit through the boon of cryptocurrency

Georgios Dalgkitsis is a successful Forex Trader and Cryptocurrency Analyst hailing from Greece and now residing in London. He has changed the landscape of Business by investing in Bitcoins and unleashing the enormous potential it holds.

Through the years, digitalization has evolved and mankind has been able to see great inventions like Internet of Things and it’s pillars like Cloud computing and Cryptocurrency.

The intelligent minds around us have converted them into profit-making businesses and Georgios Dalgkitsis is one such personality. This 23 years old young talent has etched his name as a rising star in the genre of Forex trading.

But Georgios Dalgkitsis too had to go through hardships in life.After losing his position in Mayfair, London,
Georgios Dalgkitsis decided to follow his heart and learnt more about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

He understood the power of the Currency market and through his sharp Business acumen, converted it into a profit minting venture. He has really come far and has miles to go with his dedication and passion to live largely and with utmost power. He wants to roam around the world and enrich his life experiences.
His story is the one that inspires many.


Cryptocurrency Trends to Watch Out For In 2020

2019 saw a completely new cryptocurrency market and 2020 is going to be no different. The speed at which the popularity of cryptocurrency is increasing, you can expect the year 2020 to be more beneficial for the cryptocurrency than 2019. We saw some new groups and companies like Coinipop entering in the cryptocurrency industry and more mature and strong encryption technology. Overall, cryptocurrency was able to get more appreciation from the global bodies— not so far in the future we’ll see them developing their own blockchain frameworks for promoting the use of cryptocurrency.

Let’s look into some new trends that are set to expand in the year 2020.

Decentralized finance

Considering the expansive set of advantages, decentralized finance is going to be a big concept that will enter in the cryptocurrency industry. As of now, decentralized finance projects are now well over the value of $650 million. This concept was unacceptable and ignored in the past, but given the circumstances that we had to face, it is now accepted and becoming a reality.

It offers traders to integrate many options that are not possible with a centralized financial system. It can help to integrate with digital assets lending, no credit checks, instant transactions, and much more.

Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum is a known blockchain platform for everyone interested in blockchain technology or cryptocurrency. Ethereum 2.0 has completed its phase 0, and we can see its launch in 2020. The development team is working hard on it and regularly updating the development process. We can say that Ethereum 2.0 could be a popular trend in 2020.

Crypto derivatives

Crypto derivates are one of those trends that are going to shape the crypto industry in 2020. Crypto derivatives exchanges like Coinipop, were previously very limited, but it is now an expanding concept. Which is not going to stop in 2020 also. We’ll observe a more competitive crypto industry in 2020.

Lightning network

Lightning network is developed for a range of cryptocurrencies that you can pay using this layer-2 payment protocol. It has proved to be a very helpful platform for crypto traders like Coinipop and many others, as it enables them to perform instant transactions at low rates.

As expected in the future or year 2020, we’ll see more nodes and channels build on this infrastructure.

Privacy in transactions

Cryptocurrency traders are concerned about the anonymity and privacy of the transactions. The year 2020 will see a huge development in providing high-class privacy tools. Companies and traders will be able to perform their crypto transactions more privately and anonymously with the privacy tools by Ernst & Young.

The purpose is to help the traders to perform secure and anonymous transactions using the public net without worrying about their privacy. You can perform cryptocurrency transactions at Coinipop with complete privacy. As the need is increasing, we’ll see better privacy tools as more companies will be coming forward in the competition to develop high-quality privacy tools around cryptocurrency transactions.

Crypto-friendly regulations

In America, a state has regulated the use of cryptocurrency by passing 13 laws related to digital currency. This is something we’ll experience even more in 2020 as the tech-giants are coming forward in support of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Eventually, the governments have to look into the matter and regulate the cryptocurrency. This would help everyone to get more benefits out of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Digital assets and digital currency are already developing into a force to reckon with. The year 2020 is going to be a breakthrough for the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole.