Björn Seiz, aka O5O talks about the benefits of blockchain to other industries beyond cryptocurrency

Björn Seiz, aka O5O talks about the benefits of blockchain to other industries beyond cryptocurrency

The 29-year-old serial entrepreneur has shown his prowess as a consultant, investor, author and speaker.

From the past few years, the world has been seeing some major changes across business industries, thanks to not only the talented entrepreneurs who work their way up to the top but also the surge in the growth of several industries which has changed the perspectives of people doing business for the better. Blockchain is one such industry that has shown the potential to revolutionize everything. The rise in bitcoin lately also proves the awareness of people about the same and the trust they have put into it as a more powerful digital asset. Björn Seiz, aka O5O, who today as a growing serial entrepreneur, had always placed his bets on this industry and thus operates a highly successful business that has a global presence as a publicly-traded firm earning millions already.

Björn Seiz, aka O5O, explains in simple words that blockchain is a digital public ledger, which has the power to record everything in a transparent and secure manner. The young and highly successful serial entrepreneur can’t emphasize enough on the various benefits of blockchain that he believes are useful to businesses across industries.

• Assurance of quality: Björn Seiz explains that if any kind of irregularity is detected in the supply chain, then a blockchain system can help people and businesses to reach its point of origin, making it easier for businesses to carry out investigations and taking necessary actions. For example, the food sector, where batch information, tracking origination, etc., is vital for safety and quality assurance.
• Smart contracts: It becomes a very time-consuming task when it comes to contractual transactions. The blockchain system makes even this easier for people. Björn Seiz says that smart contracts help agreements to get automatically validated, signed and enforced with the help of a blockchain construct. This eliminates the need for any mediators, helping the company save time and money.
• Energy supply: Many companies have had to face large energy expenditures. However, blockchain has solved the problem in many parts of the world with blockchain-enabled ‘transactive grids’ for offering sustainable energy solutions that efficiently and accurately track the usage, highlights Björn Seiz.

Björn Seiz, aka O5O, did not have it easy in his life. After struggling with a failing business, the youngster decided to come back stronger. As soon as he saw the exponential rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, he jumped into the same to create his company, which has today grown into a market capitalization of $4.2 billion. Not just that, he also consults and guides many other multi-million dollar companies across the globe for them to achieve their definition of success under his O5O movement.

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