Emerging as one of the top names in the vast real estate industry is young investor and entrepreneur, Roman Shapovalov

Emerging as one of the top names in the vast real estate industry is young investor and entrepreneur, Roman Shapovalov

His grit, passion and commitment have allowed him to come at the forefront of the competitive real estate industry.

It is easier to dream about things in life, but difficult to translate all those dreams into reality. People speak a lot about achieving success but what efforts they put in, defines their journey ahead. The real estate world is a world of its own and so far it has welcomed many dreamers into the industry who have gone ahead and made it to the top. One name that is gradually rising in the same is of Roman Shapovalov. This young man is all about his grit, passion and commitment to take over the real estate industry and make his name prominent as an entrepreneur and investor.

He was born in a small country of Belarus in the year 1994. Recalling his childhood days, Roman Shapovalov says, “Growing up, I was not an average kid and I had a very different outlook towards life, different from most of them my age”. He further added that kids his age loved to play with toys and games, but he dreamt of owning a business suit. The business world was where his heart was hooked onto and for this, he wanted to push his limits and achieve all his dreams. When he turned seven, his family shifted to the US. Growing up in America, Roman Shapovalov loved football and track. He even grew more interest in workouts and pushed the limits of his body and mind.

Today, this 26-year-old youngster has made a name for himself in the real estate world, but his journey to achieve the success he enjoys today came after he worked several jobs right since his teenage years. The idea of being his own boss and becoming financially independent was always in his mind. Hence, his quest to reach a prominent and successful position in life had begun quite early for him.

Roman Shapovalov confesses that his wife Olga has been his biggest supporter and a rock in his life. Today, the youngster has created a successful career for himself and has branched off from his car business into becoming a full-time entrepreneur since the last two years, doing exceedingly well in the real estate space. He says he always wanted to do real estate and took inspiration from his friends who were doing excellent in the industry as real estate investors.

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