In the past few years, blockchain, primarily cryptocurrency, has become a hot topic of discussion among investors, traders, businesses, and individuals. People worldwide take a keen interest in investing in digital assets to maximize profits. Ever since blockchain became popular, a lot of people have doubled their investments and become rich overnight. But the industry is not the same for everyone! Some enjoy profits, and some lose their investment due to fluctuating marketing. Any possible results can happen to the investors trading with digital currencies; either they can maximize their profits or lose all the investment in a jiffy. Crypto trading is the game of patience, extensive research, and smart decisions. One needs to consider a lot of factors while buying or selling any digital currency. Investors need significant knowledge to jump into the blockchain industry. People with zero knowledge or the newbies might face losses while trading. Therefore, cryptocurrencies gurus believe that blockchain knowledge is power. Trading experts look at several things and make quick decisions based on the market situation. However, newbies need to gain crypto education from professionals to prevent risks and losses. In order to empower blockchain learners, a platform known as Coinmarketpedia offers online courses based on crypto trading, NFT creation, and development in Web 3.0 and Metaverse.

Blockchain is a decentralized technology that is not limited to one or two cryptocurrencies. People might have heard some popular names, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., but they are in millions. Besides cryptocurrencies, various new digital assets have become the center of attention of investors. These assets include NFT, Web 3.0, and Metaverse. NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique digital art that is not possessed by anyone else. A creator can create their own NFT and set a price to sell it on the NFT platform. Investors can buy NFTs and sell them to others to generate significant profits. However, the NFT creators can earn royalties on every deal. NFT is a new platform for all digital artists to explore the blockchain industry and generate huge profits. Meanwhile, developers can utilize the launch of Web 3.0 and Metaverse for earning dollars. All these assets work under the blockchain industry, and the investors need cryptocurrencies to buy NFT, Web 3.0, and Metaverse tokens. Most people are unaware of the new developments in the blockchain industry. In order to spread awareness and help the investors buy their first digital coin, Coinmarketpedia brings an online platform to empower learners, traders, creators, and developers to benefit from a profit-oriented industry.

Coinmarketpedia provides opportunities for newbies to gain essential information about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It is an educational platform where investors, traders, and newbies can learn about all digital currencies. The platform provides crypto and blockchain education to help investors make smart decisions quickly. People interested in buying or selling digital coins, NFTs, and other digital assets can maximize their profits. Not just individuals but companies also take a keen interest in investing in cryptocurrencies. In order to help such individuals, investors, and companies make profitable decisions; the online crypto and blockchain educational platform offers specially designed courses that depict every alpha to omega information about trading with cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other digital assets.

The online educational platform, Coinmarketpedia, was established in 2020. The co-founders Ashay Arya, Aryan Farivar, and Amir Alaghband started working to create this educational platform in mid-2019. These co-founders are themselves, trading experts and crypto professionals. They collaborated with other academic professionals and investors of the industry, creating new innovative learning paths designed for learners to gain skills, explore an interest, change careers, or expand their expertise.

Eventually, the platform was founded in 2020 to empower learners, newbies, traders, designers, developers, and investors to jump into the blockchain industry and make maximum profits. Coinmarketpedia is the one-step educational platform for all the traders and investors who want to trade cryptocurrencies and the designers who want to create NFTs.

The company knows that blockchain knowledge is power. Therefore, the company collaborates with traders and crypto experts worldwide to design on-demand, live 1-on-1 courses and webinars customized for enthusiasts, experts, developers, traders and content creators to share their knowledge & expertise, and earn sustainable income, by encouraging learners to learn and earn.

The company is headquartered in Dubai, UAE, but provides its services around the world to spread blockchain knowledge to the general public. Today, Coinmarketpedia provides more than 130 courses exclusively on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The project of crypto and blockchain education was initiated in Indonesia in 2019 but moved to Dubai in 2020. Coinmarketpedia secured a seed investment of 2 million dollars and started designing courses for learners. Currently, the platform provides pre-recorded on-demand courses. Coinmarketpedia aims to work with universities to spread blockchain education among students.