Life is not the same for everyone. Some enjoy it, and some just survive. Not everyone’s fate is equal. Some enjoy the true colors of life, and some suffer from the tragedies that cause pain and problems. In simple words, this world is not the same for everyone. There are individuals who have become the victim of depression because of numerous ongoing issues in life. Nobody lives a perfect life. Every individual faces problem. However, the nature of the problem is different. Financial issues, health issues, domestic violence, inferiority complex, and family issues are just some of the problems. There are uncountable issues that people suffer from. Besides individual issues, there are global problems, such as poverty, unemployment, lack of healthcare facilities, gender discrimination, and social violence. One can count the issues on the finger. In fact, it is not possible to live a problem-free life. However, by extending helping hands to each other, one can make this world a better place to live. Various nonprofit organizations work to bring a better chance in society. One such organization is CaDori Helping Hands, which contributes its services for a better world.

Poverty is one of the biggest problems in the world. First-world countries are still improving, but the underdeveloped countries are deprived of various important things. Poverty has caused several other problems in societies. People who cannot afford three-time meals are not able to provide education to their children. They cannot get treatment for the diseases they are suffering from. These people need help from the societies that are living great lives. Everyone cannot come on the same scale. Poor cannot be rich overnight, but a single help can bring change. When rich people raise their hands to help others, they can bring a better change in society. With the goal of helping the poor and bringing a positive change in society, CaDori Helping Hands has initiated a charity program to help such societies and share happiness.

Charity plays a significant role in bringing change into society. It reduces poverty and spreads happiness in society. In most cases, poverty is increased due to unemployment. With the help of the charity, societies can provide education to their children and teach skills to prevent unemployment. CaDori Helping Hands uses the charity funds to initiate better projects for underprivileged societies. The organization works with the aim to make this world a better place to live for everyone.

In addition to poverty, gender discrimination is another major problem in society. Women do not get their rights. However, some women do not get the same pay in the corporate world. In some societies, women are not independent – they are not able to meet the expenses on their own. In order to make women independent, the parent organization CaDori works on a women empowerment program to help them do self-discovery. Women have the power to do great things in society. The company offers speaking services to enlighten the issues.

Another issue that most individuals face is a lack of fitness. Physical diseases and mental stress in individuals are exponentially increased. One needs to understand the importance of self-care. Those who eat proper nutrition and exercise regularly ensure physical fitness and emotional wellbeing. Therefore, one needs to adopt the practice of self-love and self-care.

The organization works to spread happiness in society through its charity program, women empowerment, and self-care initiatives. CaDori was founded by an African American woman – Cathy CaDori Marshall – in July 2017. The organization conducts women empowerment initiatives because the founder believes that women suffer from various societal problems. They do not get their rights and face gender discrimination. CaDori also conducts self-care awareness programs to spread happiness and mental peace among the individuals. In addition, CaDori also offers its books on self-care, self-love, and women empowerment.

Cathy Marshall – the owner of CaDori – got the idea to start this initiative because she was the one who suffered from such a situation. She was once jobless and homeless until she became a registered nurse. Life was tough for her. She also became a victim of domestic violence several times in her previous marriages. She went through all the dark experiences, which made her start CaDori Helping Hands to help homeless people and victims of domestic abuse. Today, Cathy Marshal is an author and entrepreneur. CaDori is also a platform that sells t-shirts with the sign “I Love Me” to spread the awareness of self-care. CaDori and CaDori Helping Hands work for a good cause and contribute their services to a better world.