BOBBLE is about to set sail, ushering in a new era of NFT

Bobble gum realizes the ease of use of multiple chains. Through the independent NFT fragment protocol and comprehensive liquidity solution platform, it can split the NFT assets of multiple chains, form a user-defined number of homogeneous assets, and derive new digital copyright, tradable IP pass, etc. Build a monetization model for scenario NFT in metaverse to realize the two-way conversion of rights and functions of non homogeneous assets and homogeneous assets. With the technical support of heco, the Bobble gum blockchain system has the characteristics of decentralization, transparency and token incentive.

 In addition, Bobble gum quickly gathered a large number of international top blockchain talents, aiming to take the music copyright and game industry as an opportunity to drive industry reform and build the world’s top blockchain infrastructure and NFT and metauniverse ecological application system.

Bobble gum integrates third-party resources through blockchain network and token mechanism to integrate online virtual environment and physical environment, create a borderless entertainment world and create an unprecedented entertainment experience for users all over the world. In the future, Bobble gum will continue to expand its diversified ecology, including storage cloud platform, game distribution platform, NFT copyright trading platform, metauniverse game development platform, advertising platform and project incubator, so as to provide complete solutions for players, miners, R & D and channel providers. Developers can also create blockchain applications through the Bobble gum tool set and obtain comprehensive NFT and metauniverse service support through other platforms. In addition, the Bobble gum NFT music copyright system also has more extensions, which can meet the needs and requirements of all artists and fans. Integrating all social media platforms, video and audio players of musicians, users can listen to their music and interviews, and buy musicians’ products and tour tickets. Artists and bands can view the in-depth analysis of user participation and obtain a series of services, including marketing, social media, graphic design and tour itinerary services, which can be paid with native BBB tokens. The most important thing is that artists will get fair remuneration and redistribution of profits.

With the support of heco’s underlying technology, Bobble gum can provide developers on DAPP with an easy-to-use and perfect blockchain game infrastructure, including a visual development kit and an on-chain ecological environment. Developers can directly complete the development of blockchain games in a graphical way, low threshold, fast and efficient without paying attention to the implementation of blockchain technology. Bobble gum hopes to provide players with a fair, just and open game environment with transparent data, transparent rules, no background manipulation of prop drop rate and malicious consumption induction. He hopes that the assets of game players can be saved in a long-term, safe and decentralized manner. Meanwhile, Bobble gum hopes to carry the value fission of digital asset economic model through NFT mode and help developers and players achieve better interest consistency.