Importance of Video in Digital Marketing

Importance of Video in Digital Marketing

In the digital world, videos are persistently growing in popularity and significance, which is why it is on top of the latest advances and statistics for creating a robust digital marketing strategy. Video marketing is one of the latest annexes to the promotion toolbox as it has proved to be a highly effective tool these days.

Today, brands are creating high-quality video content to help boost their conversions & sales as it is a powerful method to reach a wider audience effortlessly.  Are you also looking to drive more traffic to your website but don’t know where to start? Read this guide to learn more about video content marketing strategy and why you need to use it.

Why Video?

Videos are an easy-to-digest composition that gives rest to the audience’s eyes from the abundance of textual content available online.

There are many reasons why digital marketers are using videos to drive sales and website traffic. The major reason is that video gains attention when based on a versatile and appealing content format. Moreover, sharing videos across various platforms is very easy today. You will be surprised to know that consumers are 65-85% more likely to buy a product/service if it has a video representation.

The reason why digital marketing companies are using videos in their promotion is that it helps engage with both existing clients and prospective customers across multiple platforms seamlessly. The usage of videos has increased immensely because of their astonishing efficacy. The use of videos by marketers has grown from 78% in 2015 to 92% in 2020. Video marketing is neither complicated nor expensive as you might think; all you need is meticulous planning and creativity.

Benefits of Using Videos in Digital Marketing

Videos are one of the best methods to explain your product or service and have proved useful in helping potential buyers understand the product fully. Even if you are not a pro at making videos or editing them, you can use a video editor to help make your video enticing.

Here are the major benefits of using videos in digital marketing:

  • Good ROI- Videos are said to have a high return on investment because of their output. The ROI would depend on various factors, such as the quality of your videos and organizing your content strategy. Many people think that creating videos involves a lot of time and money, but that is not true. There are numerous video editors in the market that make it easy and quick for you to create a video. Thus, you can spend less money and hope for a positive ROI very quickly.
  • Boosts conversion and sales- Digital marketing companies use videos to help boost the brand’s visibility and improve sales conversions. It has been observed that adding a video on your landing page helps increase sales by 80%!
  • Informing and educating- Videos help customers understand the product better. Thus, as a digital marketer, making a video tutorial will help you reap spectacular returns. Videos give a closer look at the product, which increases the product’s understanding, leading to improved sales.
  • Video builds trust- Marketing and sales are based on trust and relationships. If you want to create long-term relationships, stop selling and let people come to you by delivering exciting and valuable information about your product. Videos can do this for you, as they engage users better and evoke emotions much more effectively than through text or image.

Sometimes, users on the internet feel like victims of fraud when it comes to trusting ads. So, if you run campaigns for your product in an engaging way, it means you’re demonstrating to people that you can be relied upon.

  • Google prefers video content- As a digital marketer, your aim is to enhance the website’s ranking on the search engine results page. Optimizing your videos for SEO allows you to rank better in the search engine. It has been found that having video content on your website allows search engines to find your page more easily. In turn, the visibility of your website or brand will also see great upliftment.

You can also use interesting and descriptive titles with links to make it easier for the customers to purchase and know more about your product.

Types of Videos

There are numerous types of videos that you can create for an effective content marketing strategy. You can use a video editor as well for creating different types of videos. Here are some video ideas that you can employ in your digital marketing strategy:

  • Showcase your product with demo videos- Demo videos are brief educational video clips illustrating how your product works. You can highlight the major benefits and usage of the product in the video and add a call to action to spur viewers to buy it.
  • Interviews- Youcan create interviews with your company’s employees as it helps build trust within the viewers and allows them to get to know more about your business. Interview videos give the customers insight into your business, how it works, its values, and its work environment.
  • Behind-the-scenes videos- The trend of making behind-the-scenes videos is catching up everywhere. Most digital marketers adopt this strategy for attracting more customers to the website. Creating these videos will let the viewers know more about your company and how the product is created. It builds an emotional, personal connection and shows how transparent you are as a business, which enhances the customer’s trust in the brand and leads to increased sales.
  • Live videos- An effective way to get up close and personal with your customers is through live videos, as they give your viewers an unfinished and real side of your business. The best part is that the viewers will be able to comment and react to the video in real-time. This way, you can get the customer’s feedback in just a couple of seconds, which is excellent for getting engagement on your brand’s profile.


Videos are currently the most effective tool in digital marketing for reaching a massive audience. For creating videos, all you need is some basic editing skills and creativity; these components make it possible to get outstanding results at a minimal cost.

Publishing videos about your brand is a great method to establish a connection with your viewers and give them a peek into what you and your business are doing. So, get started today and choose videos for marketing and ensure better sales and conversions!