Brendan Cox on Social Media: ‘Companies that lack social media will gradually vanish.’

Social media has been on the rise for the past decade with millions of new daily users and all generations downloading apps and using these platforms for different reasons. Brendan Cox of Westfield, New Jersey is the entrepreneur behind Business Blurb and Cox Visuals. With both being interconnected with social media, Cox is a social media expert to say the least.

He recently launched a new guidebook to assist real estate agents in coming up with content ideas. The near 400 page book does exactly what it’s title describes, ‘365 Days of Social Posts For Real Estate Agents.’ Cox told us, “Good social media marketing is critical to becoming a successful real estate agent in 2021.” He continued, “If you aren’t correctly leveraging platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you are missing out on leads left and right.”

Cox’s book dubbed “365 Days of Social Posts for Real Estate Agents: The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Social Media Marketing” is a great book for agents who understand the power of social media but struggle with coming up with content ideas. This book will save real estate professionals a boatload of time and energy that goes into brainstorming ideas.

If you are a real estate professional I highly recommend you grab a copy of this value packed book and use it to your advantage in building a strong digital footprint.