Sagar Joshi, founder of Media Hindustan, says digital business will grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years

Media Hindustan is a famous news portal of India. Sagar Joshi, founder of, said that there is a huge scope of digital marketing in India at the moment. Although the competition of digital marketing has increased in India for some time, it is still some percentage share compared to European countries. He believes that very soon the dependence on digital marketing is going to increase in India too.

Sharing his experience, Sagar Joshi said that digital marketing is a better and less expensive tool than print media and electronic media. Through this, you can cover a much larger market with a little investment in a short time. On the other hand, the question of print media is limited to an area and its effect also remains for a limited time, on the other hand, digital marketing is effective at the global level.

Let us tell you that the Media Hindustan is also known for Public Relations (PR) in the Bollywood industry, which has so far promoted dozens of films, web series and music videos. Let me tell you that Sagar Joshi, the founder of Media Hindustan, is also a film writer director, who has directed films like ‘Chaal Ghazab Hai’ and ‘The Third Hacker’.