Brendon Shanil Partnership With Foreign Companies in Paris and New York

Brendon Shanil Partnership With Foreign Companies in Paris and New York

Digital media is highly popular in the modern world because it is extremely effective in many ways. It is mostly used in online advertising, websites, apps, eCommerce, social media, video games and software. A team of professionals with technical, analytical and artistic skills are required for a digital media company. A balanced team with all these skills can output the best results.

Brendon Shanil is a Sri Lankan businessman and entrepreneur who works in partnership with foreign companies in New York and Paris.  He is mainly working with NBCUniversal and E Online. They are internationally recognized companies with a huge fan base.

NBCUniversal is a leading media and entertainment company in the world which specializes in news and information, marketing of information, development and production. This company is owned by Comcast and it is located in New York City. NBCUniversal is the parent company of some cable networks like Bravo, USA Network, Universal Pictures and Universal Studios.

E Online is an online platform for entertainment, lifestyle and pop culture. It’s famous for celebrity news, breaking news, spoilers and trending topics. This is owned by NBCUniversal television and it was originally launched in 1987.

These 2 companies recognized the shining talents of Entrepreneur Brendon Shanil and invited him to work with them. He also owns several news websites and a magazine which are loved by many Sri Lankans. Being a successful businessman is not easy. But if you’re determined and hardworking like entrepreneur Brendon Shanil, it is possible.