Entrepreneur Victor share’s the secret of For the Leaux’s success: organic growth

Entrepreneur Victor share’s the secret of For the Leaux’s success: organic growth

Success is a mystery, and doing it organically is perhaps one way of understanding it better. For 23-year-old entrepreneur Victor Madu, success has been coming in large doses over the last five years. His online e-commerce business, “For the Leaux,” has been generating revenue, positive feedback and a loyal customer base. While his success is a product of many things, what makes Victor’s story interesting is the fact he did it all organically.

Talking about his growth tactics, which he considers “very different from the average business,” Victor says, “I haven’t spent a dime on advertisements. And I know that many people might read that and think I’m crazy, but the organic growth and interactions I’ve had in the past have made my brand what it is today. Using social media and building a free platform to market myself, and my business is exactly how Leaux became a worldwide brand.”

To make a brand tick without advertising is the stuff of dreams for most entrepreneurs. Victor built his brand by creating a sense of family and community around For the Leaux. He added, “Creating a community around a brand is not as easy as it sounds, but once you become a member by purchasing the first product, you’re immediately welcomed into the family either by me or one of our several brand ambassadors.”

Victor has also kept away from opening a physical store even though people urged him to do so. The reason for his stand against them was based on research, which told him that “a lot of people were converting to the convenience of e-commerce, so I decided to focus mainly on my online sales. And so far, it’s proven to be a good decision as we have sold over 20,000 products in 20+ countries. My store has one of the highest conversion rates in the industry. I have also donated over $20,000 to different causes and even authored a top-selling business marketing guide.”

Growing organically, giving your brand a sense of belonging, easing shopping and decision-making for your clients. And of course, maintaining the uber quality of your products seems to be the key ingredient for Victor’s and “For the Leaux’s” success.