Bricks Plus Clicks Opens Doors to Political Campaigns Says Ryan Bilodeau

Bricks Plus Clicks Opens Doors to Political Campaigns Says Ryan Bilodeau

With 7 months to go before election day and a coronavirus quarantine proceeding with no end in sight, web designer Ryan Bilodeau is reminding political candidates of the importance of online marketing even at this time.

“With the coronavirus quarantine and social distancing, internet traffic and engagement has never been higher than it is right now. Candidates should not underestimate the importance of laying the foundation of beliefs surrounding your candidacy even at a time when people are thought to be singularly focused on the coronavirus. Our formation of opinions about people or products or candidates is a slow and constant process that often occurs in the background of our daily life. This is why Bricks Plus Clicks is opening its shop to political candidates at this time. We will get through this crisis hopefully in time for election day. Don’t let voters be persuaded by your opponent before they decide on a candidate.”

A graduate of the University of Rhode Island, Ryan has worked for local and national political candidates and consulting firms in Rhode Island and around the country. A veteran of the 2008 Romney presidential campaign, Ryan cut his teeth on marketing, advertising, event planning and recruitment as a college student while overseeing a statewide student organization. By age 21, Ryan had already managed and oversaw a political campaign with a 6 figure budget and was a frequent guest on/contributor to local and national media outlets including USA Today,, WPRI 12, The NY Times, the Dan Yorke Show, CSPAN, The Boston Globe and The Providence Journal.

In addition to web design and development, Bricks Plus Clicks is equipped to help candidates craft digital ads on all social networks and accept online donations among other services.

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