Bryan Legend is adding a new dimension to finance with Clever DeFi

Bryan Legend is adding a new dimension to finance with Clever DeFi

Bryan is a genuine entrepreneur and makes daily progress with the utmost diligence and dedication. He has a robust routine and unlimited energy as an entrepreneur. His passion is a key factor in the success of his efforts. These strengths enable him to overcome various challenges in life and inject absolute inexplicable strength to continue pursuing goals when difficulties arise.

Bryan Legend has been involved in Cryptocurrency for the past eight years and brings a wealth of information from the Blockchain space, where he has now found himself adopting another method that he finds the most appealing.

Providing high-quality services that empower users and the community is full focus is on Decentralized Finance is toward. DeFi is a new concept and is gaining a lot of attention in banking institutions and investment firms as the market itself offers substantial opportunities.

How DeFi benefits for traditional finances

Traditional financial systems use banking systems and mediators to complete single transactions between parties. This can take a few days and comes at a cost. A financial system that is distributed where transactions can be made between peer to peer, without intermediaries. Governed by smart contracts, the transaction is (probably) fast and (almost) free.

One of the main advantages of DeFi is that it has no borders. Anyone, anywhere with a smartphone and internet access, can use these financial services. This will make changes in the banks for the poor and unpaid people. Suddenly, they can safely save the amount. Using security tokens, they can invest anywhere in the world with anything with the click of a button.

Token production is the core of distributed funds. Token processing is the process of converting a value (e.g., an asset) into a digital representation. Once that price has been obtained from the ledger technology, it can be sold, loaned, traded, invested, etc. Anyone who has access to a DeFi application (i.e., anyone with a smartphone and internet connection). This will revolutionize global trade, giving traders new markets and new opportunities. Token production is set to provide increased competition, transparency, monetization and global reach.

How Startups are Engaged in Decentralised Finance

DeFi quickly rose to become one of the most active segments of the blockchain market. While some growing startups focus on developing new financial instruments, there are many initiatives dedicated to accomplishing existing tasks instead. Projects include stable coins, insurance, and lending platforms, decentralized exchanges, marketplaces, prediction markets, investment and derivatives platforms, and, of course, Decentralised Finance (DeFi) analytics platforms.

As a strong leader, Bryan Legend is well aware that delivery and implementation are the two most important challenges any business will face. Many companies promise but do not deliver and fail to achieve their goals or objectives. This is where his experience, expertise, and entrepreneurship play an essential role in ensuring that any company he builds incorporates a brand image that speaks for itself.

What is Clever DeFi?

Clever DeFi is a radical new DEFI Protocol that operates on Blockchain by automatically distributing up to 11% interest rates each and every two week cycle to all CLEVER Token (CLVA) holders. Just think of CLEVER as a new way to keep your high-interest assets off than an obsolete bank account that pays less interest.

Several internal functions form the CLEVER Protocol. Its core is the Decentralized Distribution Mechanism or DDM for short operating on a pre-planned standard schedule of 888 cycles – each cycle lasts 14 days, and the last cycle ends after 34 years.

The real art of how it is built and is the first of its kind in the financial industry.

How is CLEVER DEFI different from other cryptocurrency projects?

The CLEVER Token is fundamentally different, as it is the first financial distribution system that empowers many instead of a few. All token holders earn interest without discrimination, contracts, lock periods, terms, or conditions. There is complete freedom, and everyone has a choice of when to buy, sell, or use it after the initial minting period without any connected stings. In addition to this, what distinguishes CLEVER DEFI from all other crypto projects is that CLVA design will officially start at ZERO (0). This means that the CLEVER DEFI Team has no tokens or supplies pre owned, which is an entirely new industry concept.