Alice Veglio is an international model and entrepreneur, currently living in Dubai.

Alice’s personal story is one that deserves to be told. Alice has embarked on a life journey that has led her to turn a very delicate health situation in her favor.

Since she was a child, Alice has developed a passion for ballet. At 14 years old, a medical diagnosis seems to put an end to her dreams. Doctors diagnosed her with a spinal disease with a vertebral rotation of 27 degrees.

Fortunately, Alice managed to avoid surgery. However, she had to bring a cast for several months.

This experience made her realize the importance of health and staying fit.

Alice noticed she had little muscle mass and pursued a career in fashion. However, she was negatively impressed by the aesthetic standards that plagued the fashion industry and soon ended up not recognizing herself in it anymore.

Beyond aesthetic factors, health resulted from a mix of physical, emotional, and nutritional factors. Pity that this vision was virtually non-existent in most mainstream media.

Alice was always very good at studying, and she understood the only way to find the answers she was looking for was quality academic education.

She desired a breakthrough, so she started training and studying at the Leonardo Da Vinci University in Rome by attending a Bachelor’s degree course. After that, she took part in some important sporting institutions, as the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and The American College of Sports Medicine.

She met qualified experts in holistic discipline and sports medicine, and she designed a novel approach called holistic fitness

Alice’s initiative also led her to an internship at the Dubai government offices when she was 18.

The years of physical discomfort were behind her, and Alice was ready to unlock a potential almost unimaginable until a few years earlier.

She also resumed her modeling career, but with a different level of awareness than when she was a teenager.

There were significant achievements, such as Miss Multiverse. It is a contest that rewards women who demonstrate a superior combination of intelligence, entrepreneurial skills, and physical strength.

Alice attended the final elimination stage of the contest, held from the end of November until the middle of December 2019 in Punta Cana.

She placed third at the challenge Last Woman Standing, where she was crowned as Miss Power Woman.

She overcame extreme military training activities with no stop. 

She endured exhausting trials for over five and a half hours, leaving the past’s fears and insecurities behind her. 

As she reached these goals, Alice realized how many of her friends and acquaintances struggled to develop a proper fitness and physical well-being approach. The picture was bleak between useless diets and exercises performed mechanically and without the basic awareness of every movement’s complex physiology.

So, Alice put herself at stake and devised her project dedicated to feminine empowerment, Bright & Fit. She also realized that the only way to impact thousands of women positively would be to make all training modules accessible entirely online.

She also refined her digital skills and began the entrepreneurial journey that is currently going on.

She became a recognized social media influencer, with over 175,000 followers on Instagram alone. 

She does not limit her current activity to training cards, but she invites women to overcome all presumed limits and develop their full potential.

Alice’s startup achieved a turnover of 500,000 euro last year. She hired a team of collaborators for her company, currently running in Dubai.

By the beginning of 2020, Bright & Fit released an official app available in the Apple Store and Google Store. Over 15,000 women got optimal results related to fitness, with balanced workouts and careful nutrition, without exceeding unnecessary deprivation and restrictions.