Brydge releases a new line of ‘Designed for Surface’ keyboards and accessories

Brydge releases a new line of ‘Designed for Surface’ keyboards and accessories

On August 17th, Brydge will start selling another lineup of Surface accessories that have the “Designed for Surface” badge, implying that they were made in collaboration with Microsoft. The lineup incorporates keyboards for the Surface Pro and Surface Go, however the most interesting product in the group is the $99.99 W-Touch standalone trackpad. It’s obviously the first standalone wireless trackpad made for Windows 10.

The W-Touch resembles a Magic Trackpad 2 that is worked for Windows 10 rather, covered in a striking black with an aluminum build. It has Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and it supports Precision drivers and multitouch gestures, similar to pinch to zoom, and multifinger swipes to switch desktops. This trackpad has an enormous glass surface to serenely move around in, estimating at 5.5 inches across and 3.3 inches deep, so somewhat smaller than Apple’s rendition yet at the same time roomy.

The W-Touch is said to delivery one-month battery life, and it recharges by means of USB-C. One hundred dollars isn’t modest for a trackpad, yet as the only standalone, wireless choice made in partnership with Microsoft, Brydge gets the chance to set the cost.

Brydge is additionally releasing the W-Type to complement the W-Touch. It’s a full-size wireless keyboard with aluminum detailing and a total row of function keys. Directly out of the gate, it appears to be a phenomenal value at $59.99. The overall design, and even the printing on the keys, makes it resemble a accessory that Microsoft may make — and maybe seriously overcharge for. The keys utilize a scissor mechanism and each has 2mm travel, which Brydge claims is the “perfect” measure of key travel. In the event that it’s in any way similar to what the Surface Laptop 3 has inherent, there’s a lot of motivation to get excited.

This model has Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity with help for up to four gadgets, so you can without much of a stretch change the PC to which it’s associated. Brydge claims it can last as long as a month on a charge. At the point when it destroys out, you can charge it by means of USB-C.

Rounding out the lineup are the new Brydge 12.3 Pro Plus and 10.5 Go Plus keyboards. The $149.99 Pro Plus model works with the Surface Pro 4, 5, 6, and 7, while the $129.99 Go Plus works with the Surface Go and Go 2. Both feature Bluetooth 5.0, backlit keys, Windows Precision trackpads with full multitouch gesture support, USB-C ports for charging, and an antimicrobial covering on the deck. Brydge has had a keyboard for the Surface Pro for quite a while — this new model has a redesigned hinge, 70 percent bigger trackpad, native multi-touch control in Windows, updated Bluetooth connectivity, and a plastic deck instead of aluminum. (The base of the keyboard is as yet metal.) It likewise weighs 70 grams less.

Like the Brydge Pro Plus keyboard for the iPad Pro, these transform your Surface into a more traditional clamshell PC that can be easily balanced on your lap or quit for the day thrown in a bag. At the point when you want to utilize the Surface as a tablet, you can simply pop it out of the Brydge’s hinge and go.

Contrasted with Microsoft’s Surface keyboards, the Brydge gives a more steady composing experience and longer travel on the keys. Be that as it may, it requires charging generally at regular intervals and Bluetooth isn’t as solid of an association as the pogo pins the Surface keyboards use. It likewise makes the Surface observably thicker and heavier, however it’s as yet a very portable package.

These products will go on special beginning August 17th, and beside the 10.5 Go Plus that ships the week of September 7th, the others will dispatch the week of August 31st.