Build luxury and successful brand at the same time according to Faizal Atcha

Build luxury and successful brand at the same time according to Faizal Atcha

Faizal Atcha is an Arab entrepreneur. He is famous for his Lawung clothing brand which offers quality dressing items, particularly for Muslims, and spread its product to a significant number of the countries including the USA. Faizal Atcha, besides constructing the most beautiful golden tower in Manchester city of Britain, is active in the music industry and he may release his first works soon.

Among the most significant challenges that luxury companies encounter is constantly delivering on brand guarantees. Your brand will succeed only if it is able to provide its superior brand promise intransigently. By doing this, your luxury brand will be capable of making the loyalty of your wealthy clients. You should know that delivering brand assurance includes taking multiple measurements for a luxury corporation.

Sustaining Brand Originality

Atcha says: “The enticement of meeting the extra demand could be tremendous for a luxury brand. Despite this, you should adhere to keeping your brand identity elegant.” No matter how immense the order is, remember that attempting to cash in by fulfilling that need may irreversibly damage your brand’s uniqueness. He added: “Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton have worked to be as prosperous as they are by eliminating any excess goods that may weaken their brand value.”


Faizal recommends that as you improve and strengthen your luxury brand, remember that success is a journey. In this expedition, just like any other, you will face challenges. It would be best to prevent these obstacles from bringing you down. Faizal Atcha highlights that the quality and craftsmanship are in the spirit of every luxury industry. Your wealthy customers are willing to spend for this, so why not offer them the best? He concluded: “Besides, in this era, online media and technology play a substantial role in the flourishing of any business. Welcoming digital media and technology can make a huge difference for your brand.”