Burny kev is on fire!

For the talented rapper Burny Kev, music was a calling for him that he was ignoring until only five years ago. Kev has always loved music, always making new melodies and songs basically all his life for everyday situations but just for fun. His favorite place to make new songs was in the shower randomly thinking about his everyday life encounters. “My music can be inspired by literally anything” says Kev.

If you listen to Kev’s music you understand what he means he gives you music that is really unpredictable but relatable to him and people like him. Whether you know him or not you can appreciate the authenticity of his music topics which make him standout as a writer. Kev started writing music after hearing the Lil Uzi song “XO Tour Life”. He says he made choruses just as catchy as that but never wrote them down so it later inspired him to start taking writing music more seriously. He describes his style as an evolution of his favorite artist J Cole.

“I want to give you music with substance but at the same time give you music that you can bump over and over again” Music has gave Kev purpose in life. “Before music I’ve never been passionate about anything” . What Kev didn’t realize at the time was that music was slowly becoming therapy to him . Not being able to open up about to people he always kept emotions inside but with music finally found a way he can express himself freely.

He states that it’s been a tough journey with music. It took him a whole year of writing music before he released his first song and even after that he still hadn’t found his true rap voice. Working on his confidence, swagger, approach and flow within his first two projects you hear the potential but also see there was much room for improvement. Now Kev feels like it’s time he get his music heard to a bigger fan base to show off his hard work. His new project “The Venting System” shows immense growth and that Kev is possibly a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.