After a success on Hoja Meri R&B Singer Eric Stephen comes back with his new release “Kho Gaya Hu”

Hoja Meri, a song with more than 100,000+ views on YouTube, Eric Stephen an R&B Singer from Kolkata comes back with a New Single “Kho Gaya Hu” produce by Ricky on the Beat written & composed by Eric Stephen.

It’s a song about a boy who fell in love with a girl and gets lost in her love Kho Gaya Hu. With a stunning visual directed by SH² FLIMS edited by $uraj & Eric Stephen himself. A great combination of Audio & Visual audience will absolutely love this song. 

It is set to be released on 3rd August 2021 on the DC Christiano films YouTube channel, as well as on all major Digital Music Streaming Platforms.

Eric Stephen began his musical journey by sharing a cover of a song “It’s You” originally performed by Ali Gatie which gained 20000+ plays on SoundCloud. Inspired by American R&B singer Chris Brown, he wrote a song called Hoja Meri, which helped him to make his name in Music Industry. From featuring on Rolling Stone Magazine to get his song played on Famous Radio Station of Kolkata Radio City 91.1 he never imagined his success to be like this. According to a bio of Dreamerz Instagram, he is now a co-founder of DREAMERZ a music label currently working with Believe Distribution Services.

To know more about Eric Stephen’s song ‘Kho Gaya Hu’, enjoy the video.

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Massachusetts Artist O$hak Is Ready To Prove He Has What It Takes

Even before creating music himself, O$hak an up-and-coming hip hop artist has always had a passion for the art. Starting to get involved with music as a whole when he was eleven years old, O$hak quickly fell in love and found himself looking to get his hands on anything that he could. At twelve years old, he started mixing songs together with a DJ board that his parents had gotten him, and the rest is history. From that point on, O$hak has known that music was the route that he needed to go down to feel fulfillment and so far, he is killing it as an artist.

Currently an independent artist, O$hak handles his career from top to bottom as he tries to navigate his way into the mainstream music industry. He pulls inspiration from artists such as Juice WRLD and makes music for anyone going through a tough time. “I want people to know that it’s completely normal to be struggling with any form of mental illness or major challenge in their life. I want my story to be a way to spread awareness on mental health. My goal is to show my vulnerability in my songs so people know they aren’t alone. Because no one ever is,” says O$hak.

O$hak is more committed now to his dreams than ever before. He feels 100% confident in his ability to hang with any of the top artists in the game, and it will be exciting to watch him build his career into that tier of success. He is on the right path and as long as he sticks to the code no one will be able to stop his rise to the top. Be sure to check out O$hak’s music if you haven’t already as this is one young talent you won’t want to miss out on. 

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P8N Speaks On His Experiences With Being A Young Artists In Music

Singer and songwriter P8N was born and raised in Atlanta, and has found early success in the music industry despite only being 18 years old. He has a unique sound that blends across genres, mixing darker R&B tunes and catchy melodies.

One thing that P8N tries to express in his music is his feelings and experiences about being a teenager, but in a way that can be relatable to people of all ages.

His love for music started at the young age of 3, and P8N had written his first song when he was 13. By 15, he was already writing and collaborating with other artists, which is still something he regularly does today.

His signature adlibs make his sound unique, and he has recently been catching the attention of major labels, producers, engineers and fellow musicians, all who are excited to be able to collaborate and work with him.

Followers and fans of P8N’s work can look out for upcoming projects with 5x Grammy Award-winning and Emmy-nominated producer Kenny Bartow, and his much-anticipated first single Alive is the perfect blend of dark, haunting, and euphoric vocals mixed with a hard beat.

You can hear more from P8N and stay up-to-date on his latest projects at his Instagram.


AustinTheManager’s Skills In The Music Business Are Unmatched

Music has always driven AustinTheManager. The independent, self-made Long Island native has always pushed music to be his home base. As he moves through his life today, AustinTheManager always moves in a way that still keeps music, and its overall importance to him, ahead of everything else.

Though Austin moves through different markets like investing and social media outlets, AustinTheManager still always keeps music involved. Whether it’s creating it or managing it, music is what does it all for him. With the creation and release of his EP, Archives, Austin put hours and hours into this project to show what he’s capable of, as well as, with this being his first official release, what is to come next.

“Archives is my first project so this is my greatest achievement so far as a musician. Being able to work with artists and producers who trusted my opinion and saw my vision is pretty cool considering I’ve never done this before.” Austin said about the project.

Upon its release, Austin moved to celebrate its coming out quickly but then right away turned to create whatever is to come next for Austin. For him, Archives was a long time coming. Whatever is to follow will be more impressive than ever. AustinTheManager is surely a name to keep an eye out for as this year moves forward. With one release already in the books, Austin is on his way to create and master a second one.

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Ohio Artist Joseph Toth aka DJ Collab Is Breaking The Status Quo and Pushing For A Career In Music

Having always been the outgoing and spontaneous one who would bring people together, Joseph Toth, aka DJ Collab, is now applying those qualities to his musical career. Ever since his deployment in the US Navy, where he first got into music, DJ Collab has been going all-in on his music career and leaving no stone unturned along the way. He is giving everything he has to this career and lifestyle and even recently moved out to LA to pursue his dreams harder. He is locked in and ready to make a name for himself in the world of music.

Gearing up to take his career to the next level, DJ Collab has been working on his artistry over the last couple of years to get it just right. He has his aesthetic down, and the music is now starting to shine through. He pulls inspiration from artists such as Chris Brown and uses his music to guide his melodies and creative aspect behind it. After listening to his music, he wants people to have a lifted mood and vibe with the up-beat tempo that his songs come with.

DJ Collab is making great progress in his career, and it is going to be exciting to watch him continue to grow over the next few years. There is no doubt that if he keeps applying pressure, he will become a big name in music. It is only a matter of time before his name starts to pop up everywhere, so be sure to stay connected as you won’t want to miss out on the progression of his young career.  

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Interview With Kane Bailey

My name is Kane Patrick Bailey but I’m professionally known as Kane Bailey. I’m doing good, thank god for another day!.

  • Where are you from?

I’m from Toronto, Canada

  • What is your greatest inspiration for your music?

My music changes lives for the better. I feel like music can change the world because it changes people. That’s why I continue doing what I do

  • What are 3 words that describe your music?

Uplifting, timeless and good

  • What is the hardest subject you’ve ever written about?

That’s hard to decide. All my music has deep meanings. But if I had to say it would probably be one of my unreleased songs “lost one”. Reason for this is because it covers depression, anxiety and losing someone. “Just believe in yourself if I can you can too, I know depression can make you feel like you want to die too.

  • What are the challenges of being an artist?

I would say not giving up. When you release a song and it doesn’t get the attention it deserves demotivates you to continue. I’m sure a lot of artists can relate to this.

  • Are you planning on releasing new music soon?

Yes I am, stay on the alert!.


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How Independent Artist Em Nacirema Made A Come Up In Music

New York-based hip-hop artist Em Nacirema has had a long journey in his many years as an artist. The rapper began his career by distributing mixtapes for DJ Whookid around the tri-state area. The experience gave him more knowledge of how the music industry worked and is a huge reason why Em Nacirema is where he is at today.

There have been many trials along Em Nacirema’s journey. One of the most life-shaping moments was the time that the MC spent incarcerated. It was a huge turning point in Em Nacirema’s life and challenged the way he thought of the world.

Em Nacirema has bounced back from his experience in prison. As an independent artist, Em Nacirema has seen success in his pursuit of a music career. The artist’s latest single, “Timeless” charted at #7 on the Belgium iTunes charts.

Em Nacirema is a father of 2 kids, both of whom are in school, building bright futures. His family is a big inspiration in his life.

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Ohio Artist The Art Teacher Is Pursuing A Career In Music

Akron, Ohio, is home to independent artist The Art Teacher, who is relentlessly pursuing a career in the world of music. He used to be known for being a highly-skilled basketball player, but a few life decisions made that no longer a possibility. Now he is turning to his long-time passion for music and making a career out of it.

The Art Teacher makes music with an upbeat vibe that provides a positive mood. His lyricism is second to none, and his one-of-a-kind beats make him a must-listen artist.

Be sure to check out The Art Teacher, as he has a bunch of new music in the works. As the year goes on, he plans to release projects in waves to build momentum moving forward.

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Ronnie Diez Better Known as Diez. Uses His Spanish Heritage to His Advantage By Incorporating it Into His Music

Ronnie Diez also known as that artist Diez. grew up in a New Jersey home with an Italian-Spanish background, where he developed a long lasting passion for the art of music. He had no idea that it would bring him to a career in R&B/Hip-Hop in the future.

Diez.’s appreciation for his Spanish heritage increased as he grew older, and he now integrates his Spanish language skills into his new songs. He was strongly drawn to Spanish reggaeton-style music when he started to explore the musical world in his early twenties. He has always enjoyed dancing and is fascinated by the world that surrounds this form of music. It’s what gives him his distinct style, which is a blend of Spanish R&B and hip hop.

Diez. uses music to describe himself and tailors it to his personal experiences and those lessons and stories he can tell from them. It can be difficult for him to open up in his music at times, he mentions, but he understands that it is all worth it if his music can inspire anyone else.

He’s transforming into a different iteration of himself, and he’s in a better situation than he’s ever been. This young star has a promising future ahead of him, and it will be exciting to see where he ends up.

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Steven Scope Pursues his True Passion of Music

Steven Scope is a one-person crew who is doing everything in his power to make his dreams of being a star in the music industry a reality—fueling his career with the capital gain he acquired while being a digital marketer. Steven is in the proper position to make the essential moves and begin his career.

Having recently dropped a handful of singles so far in 2021 and many more on the way, he has hit the ground running and is full force ahead. Big things are in the works for Steven Scope as the year goes on, and it is going to be exciting to see him grow as an artist.

There’s no telling just how far Steven Scope could take his music career. At the rate that he is moving at, it is only a matter of time before becoming one of the music industry’s biggest names.

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