Vendlertattoo Showcases Talents On “Samurai”

Vendlertattoo Showcases Talents On “Samurai”

Instagram famous tattoo artist and influencer Vendlertattoo released new music to show his followers that he’s ready to dominate another industry.

On ‘”Samurai”, Vendlertattoo showcases to fans all around the world that he’s entering the music industry ready to dominate everything. A fast-paced trap beat goes behind his ear-catching lyrics and he raps about his glorious lifestyle.

We’ve seen him take over the tattoo industry, now let’s see him take over music.

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Keeping the Art in the Music Industry Alive: Meet Artist Kevin Gani

Performing Arts are considered to be liberating. When the world around artists gets grimmer, the creativity inside of them looks for ways of expression. Songwriting has been one of the oldest and the purest forms of expression of one’s truest emotions. The power which is possessed in the lyrics of one good song is so impactful that the whole world resonates with it. After all, the greater responsibility of expression lies on the shoulders of the artists, to express not for just themselves, but for the masses!

With the evolution of the digital world, it has gotten so much easier than before, to make music from the comforts of your home. Though, the rare breed of real artists still thrives on the purity of melody. But, a new pool of artists has emerged who have made it possible to make songs, without any piousness. But in the world of declining music, artists such as Kevin Gani has emerged who have not only kept the purity of this art alive, but also inspired the young artists all over the world.

Born in Botswana, Kevin Gani has travelled throughout the world from London to Moscow and Berlin during his younger years, and it truly reflects on his music. Kevin believes each of these locations have helped him understand the world and its people, and so makes it convenient for him to make music which connects with a wider audience.

Lately, the artist has earned a reputation in the industry not only as a music artist but also as a producer. He has collaborated with many other popular artists such as Not3s, Chip, M Huncho, and many others. His latest single Lil Baby X Gunna Type Beat – “Jin Sei” is considered as one of the hottest tracks of the year for his soulful song writing and groovy flow. The sensational musical hook does not fail to make its listeners dance all the way!


Jaysenlazy is a Rising Star in the Music Industry

Jaysen Walker, who goes by the stage name Jaysenlazy, is beginning to take over the music industry. Born and raised in Compton, Ca, Jaysenlazy is no stranger to the struggles people face every day in life. To escape all that was going on around him, Jaysenlazy turned to music as a way out. He had seen what music did for so many others facing similar struggles and knew he could turn his dream into reality. Growing up, Jaysenlazy idolized rappers like 50 Cent, and Eminem. They inspired him to create his own music and tell his side of the story. 

Currently, Jaysenlazy is an independent artist. He draws the inspiration for his music from the trials and tribulations he faced as a kid and continues to face to this day. Growing up in such a tough environment Jaysenlazy has developed depression, which he battles to this day. Jaysenlazy has risen up against all odds and has become an inspiration to so many others. When listening to his music you can hear the emotion behind his lyrics. He wants all his fans to “take away my drive, ambition and emotion behind every song.” After listening to Jaysenlazy it is impossible not to do so. Jaysenlazy has a way of penetrating your soul that has yet to be seen in the music industry. 

As for his next project, Jaysenlazy plans to release his latest album on May 10th, titled “Suicidal Depression”. In this album Jaysenlazy goes deep on his family, love, and life. It is an album that all listeners can connect to and draw out important life lessons to live by. This is an extraordinary time for Jaysenlazy as he looks to crush the next endeavor of his already illustrious career. Be sure to follow Jaysenlazy and be on the lookout for his up-and-coming album “Suicidal Depression.”

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2013keezy’s Song “Space” Is Taking Over The Streets

2013keezy’s latest single “Space” is out on all platforms, and is already receiving great feedback. The song offers soft melodics and intimate vocals, and the overall sound is nothing short of radio-ready. The hook is dangerous as it might get stuck in your head all day.

The song details an ex-girlfriend wanting to get back together now that 2013keezy is seeing success. 2013keezy is having none of it. Proud to be independent, Keezy isn’t afraid to flex a bit in the track to make a point. He raps about how he swerves in expensive cars and pays attention to only making money. The song delivers on both melodics and lyrical content, and will likely stay one of 2013keezy’s most popular songs for quite some time.

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Bread Boi Is Looking Make His Name Known In The Music Industry

With full swing and cockiness on this single, Bread Boi is taking names on his release of “You Broke”. Quite literally in the title, Bread Boi aims to those who lie to themselves about who they really are. By showing love and respect to those around him, Bread Boi aims to remove the fake and the hate.

Coming from Detroit, Bread Boi has become a staple of the music scene and this track has only solidified his spot. For him, his music is his life and his true purpose. By telling his story and laying it all out in a verse, “You Broke” has become a hit for him as an artist. This track came as a surprise as it sounds wildly different from previous releases this year. This track has become a huge selling point for Bread Boi.

If you haven’t given “You Broke” a listen, be sure to check it out and play it at the next function. As fans, we currently can’t wait to see what’s to come next for Bread Boi as an artist. With tons of anticipation, all we can do right now is enjoy the work he’s given us this year.

You can give “You Broke” and all of his other amazing releases on his Spotify artist page here. As well as keep up with Bread Boi on his Instagram here, his personal Twitter here, and his Facebook page here.


Josh Kilby Brings The Energy On ‘Ease’

Josh Kilby has found success as an entrepreneur. The real estate investor and motivational coach has now taken interest in a new venture: breaking talent.

Kilby started releasing music earlier this year in an effort to showcase some of the talent he knows. Most recently, Kilby released ‘Ease’. The track features the vocals from one of his talented friends, offering an up-tempo vibe from start to finish. Kilby leaves the second verse open to anyone listening to spit their own bars over. “I just wanted to release something other people would have fun listening to,” explained Kilby.

Kilby has amassed hundreds of thousands of impressions on his own personal social media accounts. He wants to continue to leverage his platform to push more talented individuals.

You can listen to Josh Kilby here:

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Sir Will Has Been An Inspiration Since Birth

Terry Williams, AKA Sir Will, was born in Compton, California and was raised throughout the southern California area. He was born into the struggle of having parents who were addicts from his birth into his younger years. He was fortunate enough to watch his parents turn their lives around because of him being born. He was a life changer from day 1 and continued his impacts into his adult life.

Sir Will has relocated to Phoenix, Arizona where he currently resides and pursues his music career. He started doing music at talent shows when he was only 8 years old and got inspired to chase his dreams by seeing a live performance from DJ Quik who is his idol. From this inspiration he grew into the independent artist he is today. He has had the pleasure of opening up for G-Unit which he describes as the height of his career at the time.

Sir Will collaborates with talented producers such as NovTheZoner and the full rebel jackets to create his hits. He is appreciative of how talented his producers are and works with anyone that meshes well with his style. He wants people to be able to hear quality music and he strives to produce that with his music. He puts countless hours into every hit perfecting his flow, metaphors, and raw energy. He recently released a new record called “F**k Yaw” which was a surprise drops for his fans. Be on the lookout for his upcoming single “Sleeping Giant” in 2022. He plans to release many singles and videos in 2022 that are sure to make waves in the industry.

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Haya Elsamman Makes a Statement With “Astronaut”

Haya Elsamman decided now was the best time to make her entrance into the music scene. The newcomer just released her debut EP, “Astronaut.” The EP features three songs including “Astro,” “Next Up,” and “Cant Stop Me.”

All three songs give the listener something different to hear and the project features beat/instrumental only music, different from your normal songs today. Haya carefully put together each beat separately, combining multiple different samples and putting her own unique twist on them for her fans to enjoy.

Haya Elsamman is definitely an artist to keep watch for as this is just the beginning of her career, and her skills are only evolving. Keep up with her journey on Instagram and check out her debut project “Astronaut” below.

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Manager Jarred J. Rosenberg is Making His Way to the Top

Jarred Rosenberg grew up in Long Island, New York which is where he cultivated his passion for music. Some of his fondest memories growing up were bumping music in the car with his family while they all vibe to the beat. He didn’t know it at the time, but these moments would catapult the trajectory of Jarred’s future. 

One thing Jarred knew for certain growing up was that he wanted to spend his time and energy creating his own dream, not somebody else’s. Upon graduating from college, he took the leap of faith to bet on himself and made the courageous decision to become a music manager. While he had a burning passion for music that passion wasn’t on the creative side of music. He more so enjoyed helping others reach the pinnacle of their careers. He feels great satisfaction when he helps an artist climb the ranks in the industry. He feels that this is the closest you can become to being an artist yourself without creating your own music. 

Since starting his career as a music manager Jarred has made a tremendous impact on many lives in such a short period of time. He focuses on developing artists, their image and persona, as well as improving their social media outreach. He has put great emphasis on the social media side of business and has become so efficient he gets artists recognized overnight. He continues to make more and more of a name for himself in the industry which has allowed him to have a major impact on many top names in the industry. If you are a well-known artist or an up and comer Jarred sure knows how to help you along your journey. Make sure to reach out to Jarred and he may just have a life changing impact on your career.

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Canadian artists nateo is an aspiring artist who has been making music to fit his daily passion, being from an area where it’s all about how you make it, he has certainly became the figure he set out to be by inspiring him self through the music he makes every single day.

Nateo is an artist from Toronto Ontario, who includes his life & surroundings in his music. Nateo released his debut single “Got Me” January 9th, 2020. Since then he has added. 4 singles, including 3 music videos to his building artists catalog.

You can never under estimate the power of an artist when they are dedicated to making music at their fullest potential nateo takes his craft very seriously, judging by his songs he is grinding for a way out, for him and his family.

Typically artists like making music because they are in the moment of it or they just want to prove a point on a beat they’re recording on, but for him it’s more than just a point it’s a race and a marathon to the top, and it doesn’t seem like he’s coming down any time soon.