Business tycoon Hajjar Hady has some priceless tips for all the budding entrepreneurs

Hady Hajjar is a known name in the entertainment industry. He has constantly evolved in the industry catering the best to his celebrity clients all across the Middle East. This man is from Lebanon, but his expertise speaks a lot through his professional work. He has remained a lot in this industry from the last two decades and worked with numerous celebrity clients under his company – HuMamangement. He has co-founded this company with his partner to emerge as a solo celebrity marketing agency in the Middle East.

His company has the presence in three big locations in the Middle East. These include maya diab, yasmine sabri, nancy ajram, balques, saif nabeel to name the precise. Also he was the GM of marketing for the largest record company in region rotana for 15 years from 2001 till 2015. He has served his clients with his firm with utmost care and professionalism making him successful in this world. Seeing all the roller coaster ride in his professional life, he never stopped at any point thus success came in to kiss his footsteps making him big in celebrity management in the Middle East. His work speaks for him that has brought all the name and fame in the industry.

All thanks to the rise of social media, the role of influencers have gone high in the market. He knows the art of dealing effectively with the online branding of the celebrities in the market in the gulf nations, that makes him the favorite man in the industry. Some of his mantras for being a successful man in this industry is honest work, commitment to the cause, best team on board to work with his clients, he is a leader and not a boss to his subordinates, never say no to taking risks and be a trendsetter.¬¬¬¬¬¬