Shivam Bangwal: One Of The Best Brand Consultants Apart From Being A Digital Marketer and Founder

Shivam Bangwal: One Of The Best Brand Consultants Apart From Being A Digital Marketer and Founder

Shivam Bangwal has gained quite a lot of popularity in the field of digital marketing because of his professionalism and fabulous performance in the field. He is honestly very skilled and the biggest secret behind being such a well known digital marketer is dedication and patience.

Currently he is 21 years old and belongs to Srinagar, Uttarakhand. He is a founder of Youthistaan, Branding Panther and Digital Leader. There are a lot of services that he provides and one of the top services include brand consultant and adviser. He actually has one of the best plans to chalk out the ideas of his clients or customers. His unique way of creating an imagining strategies leaves people in awe. And how did you become such a dedicated man, you must wonder. It is all because of his dreams of becoming one of the top most successful entrepreneurs of the present world. He has always known that he had to do something to make out of his life, something great. And here he is, doing it.

Shivam had always been interested in technology. His childhood days were spent being either curious about it or learning more about it, both of which are equally important for a person who wants to build a career in the field of digital marketing. He learned all that there was about marketing, and the factors of entrepreneurship along with building a successful business enterprise.

One of the most successful works of Shivam is working along with artists and celebrities. He used to manage all their social media accounts, and also sometimes consult brands regarding promotion, exposure and other activities that could lead do a satisfactory outcome. Also, he has worked with a number of national as well as international clients from different fields. They were also very different in nature and this is why Shivam has an experience with people belonging to a wide range of backgrounds. Even during the pandemic, he had helped out a lot of businesses to have solid grounds in the online world since people were very unsure about that. His basic concern was to make sure that the customers are connected with the businesses, making both the ends meet through a channel.

Mr Bangwal Has put up the recent big project ‘Digital Leader’ for especially Politicians. Apart from this, he continues to hold a good name in the industry. For him, life had just begun and he has a very long way to go. Shivam Bangwal continues to serve as many people as possible. This is not like a normal job for him, he is truly passionate about his work and has a lot of goals yet to achieve. For him, having a clear vision and belief in oneself is something that can guarantee success.