California Movers puts customers at ease with their moving process in the San Francisco Bay Area

California Movers puts customers at ease with their moving process in the San Francisco Bay Area

Whether you are just moving locally or you are moving to a completely new place, the stress of moving sometimes takes over the excitement. There have been so many moving companies that have existed over the past years and there is even the option of doing the whole moving process yourself.

Changing the city, state of residence is a huge step for anyone. It means new accommodation, new work location, new acquaintances and taking away the stress of moving will bring joy to the next chapter of life. In order to release the stress of moving, California Movers has facilitated local distance and long distance movers.

California Movers understands that there are different reasons for moving and because of that they have a great team for any of those needs. They break down their moving services into local movers, long distance movers, office movers, storage and moving, house movers, same day movers, professional packers and movers, piano movers, packing supplies, appliance movers, short-distance movers, furniture movers, apartment movers, and state-to-state movers. Their ultimate goal is to prove that relocation can be associated with pleasant recollections if performed by licensed and experienced movers.

When people go onto their website, they can receive a free quote once they enter their pickup location, their destination, and their requested move date to see how much it would be to move their prized possessions. While they started their company in San Francisco and focused on the Bay Area for some time, they have now expanded all through the California coast to different parts of the United States.

Not only do they provide moving services, they also provide career opportunities for people looking for work, a family guide to moving, how to get settled after the move, preparation for moving, moving reviews if you are on the fence, moving supplies, the best routes to relocate, and moving tips all on their website. They also have a blog about how it is to move from city to city.

They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for their services that they will deliver the items to the destination on time and they have a professional team of highly qualified and experienced movers so whatever type of products that need to be moved. Also with the assurance of full value insurance over the moving and relocation of items, they are gaining the reputation of being on the most reliable moving companies in the West USA. They have also worked with some very major companies like Sony, Apple, YouTube, Oracle, Sephora, and many more. They pride themselves on customizing their long distance moving services.

According to Anton Halushka, founder of California Movers, 23% of American residents actually move every 5 years and an average American moves about 11.4 times in his/her life including residential moving. He also states that the highest number of people who move are individuals at 44%, but corporate relocation follows behind at about 38% and lastly military representatives at 16% that relocate regularly.

He also states that there are obviously two popular ways to move: do it yourself or order moving services. Both have their benefits and their drawbacks depend on the wants of the individual. For example, if people were doing to move to college with just a few bags, there is no need for professional assistance. However, if they are trying to move a large volume of items that exceeds the ability to carry by hand, it is probably more reasonable to try and look for a moving company. Some may think that they have to cough up a lot of money to hire a moving company, but sometimes they also need to think about the fact that by hiring professionals, they have less of a risk of things getting damaged or lost.