Riçh King Wit’ A Dream declines $1M to stay with MacNificent Lifestyle

Riçh King Wit’ A Dream is an upcoming artist from Memphis in which is on a 2-year contract with MacNificent Lifestyle Records. Riçh decided to partner with Mr Macnificent with MacNificent Lifestyle Records after declining a $1M dollar deal with Caroline. MacNificent Lifestyle is a label started by Jerry “Mr. Macnificent” Miller, also from Memphis. His first major artist was known as the late Young Greatness, in which was signed to Cash Money Records, with artists like, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, & Juvenile, for example. Greatness peaked his first Platinum Record through MacNificent Lifestyle Records, which in turn sparked the drive for Riçh King Wit’ A Dream’s very versatile selection of music.

Riçh King Wit’ A Dream released his first project “Trapped In My Mind”, in late July, 2020 it is set to make $50k+ which isn’t bad for a signed-indie artist, right? Most artists who are in the industry don’t own their own music, this is different with MacNificent Lifestyle Records. It is currently still uncertain to the public on how to sign, yet rumors of new artists have been revealed on several social media platforms!