Cam Moar, The Young Artist & His New Album “Fastlinea” Who’s Shaking Up The Music Industry

Cam Moar, The Young Artist & His New Album “Fastlinea” Who’s Shaking Up The Music Industry

The music industry has been saturated with seasoned, well-established artists who have produced high-quality work and enjoyed large followers on various social media platforms. Entering such a market and succeeding as a new artist is an uphill task and requires special coaching to enable you to sail through successfully. Cam Moar shares the nuggets of wisdom you need at entry-level to shine in the music industry. He uses his personal experience to explain what you need to do and what to avoid to take root in your career.

The music industry is highly competitive, and succeeding there, talent alone is not sufficient to propel you to greatness. Cam demystifies the analogy that to grow as an upcoming artist; you need to have a godfather in these 5 tier skills requisite for you in the budding stage.


  1. Hard work to craft quality work is necessary. Before releasing his first album called Fastlinea, Cam invested a lot of time producing high-quality songs. He discovered that saturated as the music industry is, you cannot take anything to chance as an upcoming artist. Your work needs to set you apart from the other forthcoming artists composing songs that carry little or no message to the audience. Your songs need to leave an unquenchable thirst in your listeners, triggering them to hear more of your music.

  2. Musical talent alone is not all you need to succeed. You need to be determined to walk the bumpy road because success in this industry does not occur overnight. You, therefore, need to be patient and ready to face new challenges each day, but that should not make you despair, for there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Self-confidence is vital for your success. If you don’t believe in your skills in artistic work, neither can your audience. Believing in yourself is the first step you need to take; nobody is born knowing it all, but you can tower to the most significant height in your music career through continuous practice and learning from others who have made it.

  4. Music passion is the accelerator for your success. It is not easy to succeed in the music industry as an upcoming artist, as your path is full of uncertainty and emotional stress. Passion for achieving acts as the fuel that drives an upcoming artist over the storms that may strike on the way to success.

  5. Curve your niche in music. It would be best if you specialize in a particular music genre, learn about the audience’s taste and preferences and the dynamics to ensure that your songs do not lose flavor to your audience over time. You need to progressively continue improving on each new music you produce to sustain long-term relevance to your audience. Your work needs to be conspicuously unique from those of other artists to win the hearts of your audience, enabling you to rise as an icon in the music industry.