Keeping the Art in the Music Industry Alive: Meet Artist Kevin Gani

Performing Arts are considered to be liberating. When the world around artists gets grimmer, the creativity inside of them looks for ways of expression. Songwriting has been one of the oldest and the purest forms of expression of one’s truest emotions. The power which is possessed in the lyrics of one good song is so impactful that the whole world resonates with it. After all, the greater responsibility of expression lies on the shoulders of the artists, to express not for just themselves, but for the masses!

With the evolution of the digital world, it has gotten so much easier than before, to make music from the comforts of your home. Though, the rare breed of real artists still thrives on the purity of melody. But, a new pool of artists has emerged who have made it possible to make songs, without any piousness. But in the world of declining music, artists such as Kevin Gani has emerged who have not only kept the purity of this art alive, but also inspired the young artists all over the world.

Born in Botswana, Kevin Gani has travelled throughout the world from London to Moscow and Berlin during his younger years, and it truly reflects on his music. Kevin believes each of these locations have helped him understand the world and its people, and so makes it convenient for him to make music which connects with a wider audience.

Lately, the artist has earned a reputation in the industry not only as a music artist but also as a producer. He has collaborated with many other popular artists such as Not3s, Chip, M Huncho, and many others. His latest single Lil Baby X Gunna Type Beat – “Jin Sei” is considered as one of the hottest tracks of the year for his soulful song writing and groovy flow. The sensational musical hook does not fail to make its listeners dance all the way!


Jaysenlazy is a Rising Star in the Music Industry

Jaysen Walker, who goes by the stage name Jaysenlazy, is beginning to take over the music industry. Born and raised in Compton, Ca, Jaysenlazy is no stranger to the struggles people face every day in life. To escape all that was going on around him, Jaysenlazy turned to music as a way out. He had seen what music did for so many others facing similar struggles and knew he could turn his dream into reality. Growing up, Jaysenlazy idolized rappers like 50 Cent, and Eminem. They inspired him to create his own music and tell his side of the story. 

Currently, Jaysenlazy is an independent artist. He draws the inspiration for his music from the trials and tribulations he faced as a kid and continues to face to this day. Growing up in such a tough environment Jaysenlazy has developed depression, which he battles to this day. Jaysenlazy has risen up against all odds and has become an inspiration to so many others. When listening to his music you can hear the emotion behind his lyrics. He wants all his fans to “take away my drive, ambition and emotion behind every song.” After listening to Jaysenlazy it is impossible not to do so. Jaysenlazy has a way of penetrating your soul that has yet to be seen in the music industry. 

As for his next project, Jaysenlazy plans to release his latest album on May 10th, titled “Suicidal Depression”. In this album Jaysenlazy goes deep on his family, love, and life. It is an album that all listeners can connect to and draw out important life lessons to live by. This is an extraordinary time for Jaysenlazy as he looks to crush the next endeavor of his already illustrious career. Be sure to follow Jaysenlazy and be on the lookout for his up-and-coming album “Suicidal Depression.”

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Learning about the Art of Collaboration with Artist Kevin Gani

Music industry is a fickle world of entertainment. Thousands of artists try their hands in the world of music with utmost passion and sincerity. However, only the rarest of the rare gets their desired success and fame. This ever-changing is always looking for something fresh and new. And, with the technological prowess of the modern times, the art of making music has strongly changed. The digital advancements have acted as a catalyst in the process of making music, and has ensured newness in the music for electronic artists.

So, to grow in these changing times, an artist needs to adapt and learn something new throughout their careers. Today, we have young artist Kevin Gani with us, who shares his insights from the ever-changing music industry and lays focus on the importance of collaboration for young artists to grow.

The most obvious advantage of collaboration is the lesson of diverse learning. Every artist has a thing of their own to show the world, and during collaborations, the best of the creative gets shared, allowing both the artists to improve.

Also, Kevin adds that one should collaborate with people outside of their genre to diversify their skills. He adds – ‘this has allowed me to not only foster partnerships with many talented musicians but has also developed my experience in several areas, making me a better version of myself.”

Kevin concludes by stating that collaborations also helps the new artist by increasing their connections and fan following. This can eventually lead to more promotional work, gig opportunities, future collaborations and also increasing popularity.

Kevin Gani is one of the most talented artist of this generation. The latest single, Lil Baby X Gunna Type Beat – “Jin Sei”is the greatest example of his prowess with the soulful musical hook that keeps its listeners vibing throughout.


Davidthadudee is Taking Over the Music Industry

David Mullins, aka Davidthadudee, is encouraging millions with his impeccable life story and profound musical talent. Growing up in Broward County, Florida, Davidthadudee had many distractions around him, so he channeled his energy into music. Through the process of listening to artists like 50 Cent, Scarface, and Ludacris he formed an incredible passion for music. He fell in love with the art of songwriting at the age of 8 and hasn’t looked back since. He continuously works on his craft day in and day out to reach the pinnacle of his musical talent. 

Davidthadudee has overcome many trying circumstances in his life that have shaped him into the man he is today. Drug addiction played a major impact in his life which spiraled into negative self-talk and many limiting beliefs he held about himself. Through the power of Christ, Davidthadudee tapped into his inner strength and overcame all that held him back. Since Davidthadudee’s incredible turnaround he has been able to recognize that all that he went through didn’t happen to him but happened for him. He has a new outlook on life and is now grateful for his experience. Davidthadudee finds tremendous inspiration in helping others who may be going through trials and tribulations of their own. 

Davidthadudee uses his past experiences as energy to fuel his lyrics and you can feel his passion through the speakers. While listening to his music he wants his fans to know that all things are possible if you put your mind to it. Davidthadudee has a new single dropping soon titled “Keepin it real with God” featuring Najie Dun. In addition, in the second quarter of 2022 Davidthadudee will be dropping many new projects for his fans which are guaranteed to be full of inspirational hits. This is truly a thrilling time for Davidthadudee, all his hard work is about to pay off in a major way as he takes over in 2022. Be sure to follow him and be on the lookout for his new projects. 

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Tn_boosie is Climbing the Ranks of the Music Industry

Hustle Mason, most known by his stage name Tn_boosie, has been making great strides in his career as of late. Tn_boosie grew up in Seattle, Washington and is quickly becoming one of their biggest stars. Tn_boosie began his rap career at the age of 8 and has been in the spotlight ever since. His new hit single “I’m That Winner” is sending shock waves throughout the whole industry. His unique lyrical style is something that we have yet to see out of such a young artist. He credits his ability to be so creative from the greats he grew up listening to mainly, 2 Pac, and Pimp C.

Tn_boosie is an independent artist who has a desire to sign a promotional deal with a major label. When his fans listen to his music, Tn_boosie wants to deliver the message that anything is possible. Tn_boosie intends on being an inspiration for any young artist out there that wants to follow their dream. He has already accomplished so much, and this is just the beginning. Tn_boosie has the desire to work with Drake, and Roddy Rich in the future.

Tn_boosie is always in the studio with his producer, Jaccem Smaccem. When these two get in the same room together it’s like Jay Z and Kayne West. They are guaranteed to make magic together. Currently, Tn_boosie is working on a tribute to the late great Biggie Smalls by remaking his legendary song “Juicy”. Biggie Smalls is a big inspiration to Tn_boosie and he wants to honor him by adding his own unique twist to the song. With so much in the works for Tn_boosie this is an exciting time for him and all his fans. Be sure to follow him on all platforms to keep updated on his life and the release of his upcoming work. 

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Army Wayne’s “PurpleHeart” Has The Music Industry Buzzing

Wayne Green, aka Army Wayne is set to release the biggest album of his career. Army Wayne grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and has been infatuated with music ever since he was a young man. Wayne started writing his own music at the age of 7 and has been improving upon his craft ever since. To date, Army Wayne has previously released 7 projects which has earned him the reputation of being a lyrical genius. 

“PurpleHeart” will be Army Wayne’s second project release thus far in 2021. Previously, he dropped “The Chase” which generated major numbers and gained attraction from several big players in the industry. In “PurpleHeart”, Army Wayne tells the world through his own perspective about major life circumstances that he has gone through and grown through. Listening to this album gives you a much clearer view on who Army Wayne truly is. He intends on creating a sequel to “PurpleHeart” which has been extremely hush-hush and has no specifics on when that project will drop. Currently, you can listen to “Purpleheart” on all platforms, so make sure to check it out. Army Wayne put his heart and soul into this project and there are multiple songs you are guaranteed to vibe with. This is just the beginning for Army Wayne so be sure to follow him on all platforms and get the specifics behind his next project.

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nidal.m.lutfi’s meteoric rise in the music industry fascinates all

As a youngster himself, he has invoked the most profound feelings in people’s hearts with his outstanding sound.

The more we talk about the insane talents of the younger brigade from various sectors and fields and the kind of success they earn for themselves all by their own as self-made success stories, the more we feel the need to talk about them, for these individuals push limits, question the status quo, and only work around creating magic in their chosen niches. So many such talented beings have been consistently produced in the music industry of the world that have made a special place for themselves in the space, even at a global level. Aspiring to reach the global stage one day is nidal.m.lutfi, who, even among much saturation in the industry, stands tall as a unique talent.

nidal.m.lutfi says that just like any other kid from the neighbourhood, he too dreamed hard to become a part of the music world and saw himself in the front of the mic both in a studio and in large crowds. His first dream is already fulfilled because this young lad has given quite a few amazing tracks like Happy B, Jazzy Chromatica, Khalta, A Loss & Hope, and really hopes to come up with many new numbers in the coming times. He reveals that when initially he had shared these dreams of his to a few individuals, they tried to lower his confidence, but his attitude of never giving up and strong willpower helped him walk his path and stop for none.

Today, people have been loving all his songs and have said to include them in their favourite music list. “This, for me, is what success looks like. Taking small steps forward and never batting an eyelid, no matter the situation. People have been really appreciative of what I have created so far and have loved my signature sound, which has only motivated me to do even better each passing day,” highlights nidal.m.lutfi.

The youngster feels he has a long way to go and wants to learn many more new things to better his musical craft and eventually become the hot favourite artist of all listeners and music lovers. Listen to him on Spotify here


New Hip Hop Hopeful Grace The Martyr Released “Just Us”

At the beginning of this year, the nation seemed to face many political issues surrounding the African American community. Grace The Martyr saw this opportunity to speak his truths and released his most popular song to date, “Just Us,” on all platforms.

Grace The Martyr wastes no time rhyming poetic bars about the black community’s history and current issues in this track. This release came at the perfect time and was well received by new as well as old Grace The Martyr fans. The song uses an Outkast sample from the song “Aquemini,” which was cleared by management due to Grace The Martyr’s holistic intentions.

Combining powerful songwriting topics with familiar samples has always been a recipe for success in the music industry. “Just Us” by Grace The Martyr is no different and is still climbing in streaming numbers even after its latter release.


Official music video for “Just Us”


Juandisemo Is Making His Mark On The Music Industry

Juan Rayo Orozco, known by his stage name as Juandisemo, is sculpting his path in the music game. Juandisemo originally grew up in Cali Colombia until the age of nine when he, his two sisters and mother moved to the United States, more specifically South Florida. Since his youth Juandisemo always felt that it was his destiny to create music, and with his unique life story he knew one day he would present his gift to the world. 

Having grown up in Colombia Juan is no stranger to trials and tribulations. At a young age he had to endure and overcome many challenges, which he uses as inspiration behind his lyrics today. Juan wants his fans to emotionally connect with his music and feel the message he is conveying through his lyrics. Juandisemo focuses on making his music uplifting and inspiring for his fans to grasp on to and know that they themselves can accomplish anything if they put their mind to it.

Juandisemo is currently an independent artist with aspirations of signing to a record label, granted it is the right fit for his career. He recognizes the opportunity he currently has and is putting all the man hours required to turn his dream into a reality. Currently, Juandisemo has been in the studio preparing for the launch of his new project “Spark Up 2”. He plans to release 8-10 tracks on the album and plans to drop it in the early months of 2022. This is an exciting time for Juandisemo as his career is about to catapult into another atmosphere. Be on the lookout for Juandisemo as he makes his mark on the music industry. 

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Los Angeles Based Hip Hop Artist KIDJUDA Stunts On ‘Rugratz’

LA based hip hop artist KIDJUDA has taken the music industry by storm, finding success as an independent artist. The artist has released numerous tracks that have taken off on Spotify. A notable track from the rising artist is ‘Rugratz’.

‘Rugratz’ begins with a vibey instrumental that quickly transitions into a melodic platform for both KIDJUDA and his collaborator Rudeboicrazy. The duo takes turns giving their listeners a piece of their mind, with lyrics about living life in Hollywood. Lasting just under 3 minutes in listening time, the track fades out with its catchy hook leaving the listener ready for whatever song is next in line.

KIDJUDA has been focusing heavily on his business endeavors this past year, starting an NFT distribution company called Hollywood Punks. The company focuses on distributing NFTs for celebrities.

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