DeVon True’s song Odyssey went viral in South Korea

DeVon True has successfully carved a niche for himself as a singer in Hollywood with his uptempo voice and versatile songs. In an interview with him, the appealing singer opens up about his music idols and much more.

Inspiration comes from many different places to DeVon True. Let’s face it, when you have a job or any kind of regular commitment, there are going to be some days when you don’t want to do it. This goes for everyone, even musicians who couldn’t imagine doing anything else! Artists have to refuel their motivation and inspiration. To him, it came from something relatively standard, like watching another artist produce great work. For instance, there have been times when he has been deeply inspired while listening to Pharrell Williams at three in the morning in the dark. Not only this he has been deeply inspired by his father and brother who also shared a dream of doing it big in the music industry.

He has loved the art of expressing himself through music. Today, DeVon’s music has reached a whopping 40k monthly listeners on Spotify with only 3 songs released & over 300k streams on his breakout song titled “Odyssey”. With the recent release of his music video, Odyssey, which has since gone viral with South Korean Sensation “Yool”. The video that Yool created has amassed more than 3 million views in less than a week. DeVon was formerly in a duo called “Starrset” where they’ve toured the world (London, Japan) & released music under universal Japan. DeVon has also been on camera interviewed by “Young Holllywood”. It is indeed thrilling to see dreams coming true.

DeVon True is like no one else because he dares to deliver who HE is. Don’t miss out on the latest updates of the singer DeVon True on his Instagram and YouTube channels.


Ali X Going Above and Beyond to Woo Fans with New Soundtrack “Happy Anniversary”

In the music industry, one has to earn their way to the top. For Hip Hop musicians, the road to success in this portion of the music industry begins with a passion for their sound.

Upcoming artist Alderson Exantus, also known by his stage name Ali X, is a Haitian independent Hip Hop Rapper and Recording Artist residing in New York. He was born on February 9, 2001, in Brooklyn, New York, and raised on Long Island. Ali X hails from Uniondale, New York, and was raised in a single-parent home. He was raised by his mother and older sister alone. The musician has amassed an audience and received social media recognition as a result of his most well-known hit, “Beast.”  Do check out here –

He developed a passion for music and poetry at a young age, determined to make his mark. He attended Uniondale High School throughout his adolescence, where he first developed a following. To build a broader audience, he began booking events at local locations.

He wanted to be a great poet since he was a child. The musician’s current route began with him entering poetry contests and obtaining excellent ranks with no notice. He started a new chapter in his career after being inspired by underground freestyle rappers!

Freestyle rapper musicians frequently struggle to develop their sound. The music industry has changed over time. It’s become a competition to see who can come up with the most memorable sound bite to entice the millennial generation. This shift in sound causes conflict in Hip Hop musicians’ work since they must accommodate their fans’ new musical tastes while maintaining their sound.

Ali X is, all set to release his Extended Play music album called “Happy Anniversary” on September 3rd 2021. This song is based on a general person’s real experience with a toxic relationship, making it highly relatable to his audiences. It is about an artist pouring his heart out upon the outcome of a toxic relationship. The song talks about abandonment, loneliness and hurts feelings. It is an inspiration to find our worth and value ourselves enough to not get back into toxic situations.

The real and authentic compositions of this aspiring hip-hop artist are refreshing to hear. It aspires to bring about the much-needed change in the hip hop community.

The Complex and nuanced musical arrangements, voice prompts, and exquisite lyrics are all jam-packed into the song, with tonal consistency and unique rapping abilities making it a mesmerising song with gorgeous ambience.

Alderson Exantus AKA Ali X is a name to look out for!


RealXman Is Prepared To Take On Anything On His Path To The Top

Breaking into the mainstream music industry is a task in and of itself for a young up-and-coming artist. With 60,000 songs being uploaded to Spotify daily it can be easy to get mixed up with the slew of other artists posting their songs up for the world to stream. For RealXman, he has been in the game for a little while now and knows how it goes. That being said, he is taking a stronger approach to getting his name out there and is gearing up to make a big push in taking his career to the next level.

Always feeling as if he was meant to entertain, RealXman knows that he was born to do this. He dedicates all of his time and resources to bettering himself at his craft and will stop at nothing to reach the top. His unique melodic flow and upbeat melodies create for a listening experience unlike any other artist in the game today. With his raw ability and smart marketing approach, RealXman is excited to see what’s in store for him in the year to come. 

As time goes on and RealXman sharpens his skill set, there is no telling the accomplishments he will be able to achieve. He is hungrier now than ever and has his mind set on one thing, making it to the top. Make sure to stay tuned in with RealXman as you’re not going to want to miss a second more of his illustrious journey.

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Rapper Mudd Bughatti is Making Moves in the Music Industry

Having to put his career on the back burner for quite some time, Mudd Bughatti is preparing to rise to the top of the music industry. Growing up in a rough area and taking on the responsibilities of being the man of the house, Mudd has always put everyone before himself and has seen a lot in his short time on Earth. Now, with his family in a better spot and a vision of being one of the most notable artists in the game, Mudd Bughatti is making moves to flourish his newfound rap career.

Mudd Bughatti’s moment has come to go all out to make up for the lost time. Mudd exudes real energy that is hard to come across in today’s music. When you listen to Mudd Bughatti, you’ll get a sense of how hard effort pays off, and you’ll be inspired to seek a taste of the good life. Mudd Bughatti has created a profound connection with his followers in a short amount of time by painting images of his life and doing it in a relevant way. Mudd’s popularity is growing, and there’s no knowing how well known of an artist he may become.

Mudd Bughatti’s time is unquestionably approaching. He understands what he needs to do to reach where he has to go, and nothing will stand in his way. Keep an eye out for this up-and-coming musician, as he has a promising future and plenty of music in store for the year ahead.

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Purple Miami is Looking to Become a Household Name in the Music Industry

In our modern era of music, dance music is one of the most popular. Out of most genres, it carries a massive amount of energy and movement within it. Being able to craft and produce a good dance song is a task that only a few can do. Purple Miami is one of those few. For the past four years, Purple Miami has been expanding his greater knowledge of music production and has risen to be one of Florida’s most highly respected artists.

His roots reach deep into Miami, and he even has the city’s name in his stage name. With a ton of influence and underlying support from his fans back home, Purple Miami has spread, far and wide, meeting so many DJ’s and musicians that only have contributed to the influence and support that Purple Miami has. 

Most wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet and get close to those that he has. He’s obtained so much support and respect from so many prolific artists that he is becoming one himself. With his most previous release, Not With You, he stacked up more than fifteen thousand monthly Spotify listeners, and that number has only grown since that release. 

He shares the photos and stories about those he’s met tie directly into his music’s overall feeling and vibe. His name is surely not one to sleep on or miss out. Be sure to keep an eye out for his name and check out his Spotify this May for a brand new release from Purple Miami. 

You can give Purple Miami a listen on Spotify here as well as keep up with him on Instagram as the journey continues to unfold here


Music Making Mogul Ashwin “Smash” Seegobin is Cementing His Legacy in the Music Industry

After finishing his degree in animation, Ashwin Seegobin aka, Smash, decided that animation was not what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Luckily for him, Smash was introduced to music production and engineering after realizing that he was going in the wrong direction. His life would never be the same from that point on.

Smash has always been in music for as long as he can remember. He used DJ to have fun in his free time but withdrew from it once school became a top priority for him. Look ahead, turn the clock forward a couple of years, and he’s turning that old-found hobby into his full-time career. His creative background has given him the upper hand, which he uses to his full advantage as he advances his career.

Smash is an independent artist with a “1 2 One Entertainment” management contract during this time. He aims to take his musical career to the next level with their support and leadership. Smash takes inspiration from artists like Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, and producer Quincy Jones while incorporating aspects from his Trinidadian background. After years of looking up to these artists, Smash now aims to follow in their footsteps for years to come.

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Instagram Beauty Ana Nello Takes Her Big Shot at the Music Industry

Recently there have been more and more influencers who have decided to pursue a music career. Ana Nello, a famous Instagram model, will join in the fun by taking her 1 million audience over to her music career. Since she already has a pre-established audience, she will be beginning her career with a head start.

Ana Nello has recently debuted her music career with three releases a few months ago titled, Basement, Feel Good, and Atmosphere for those who don’t know her yet. Ana began this music career because she loved music and because she knows how therapeutic it can be. In a recent interview about the effects of her music, she said, “I’ve gotten tons of DMs lately from people telling me how much the music has helped them through the pandemic.”

By helping others cope with the rough times, Ana Nello’s music is reaching even more people than it usually would have. This is because her music is good but at the same time is proving a need for those who need it most. When you can provide talent and meet needs simultaneously, you truly began to win – and that is the exact effect we see from Ana Nello.

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Steph Too Trill Puts His Own Spin On The Music Industry

For years, musicians have always done the same process over and over by creating what they love for their fans to hear. Steph Too Trill on the other hand takes an interesting approach by doing this in reverse order. He engages in conversations with his listeners, finding out what they like and then basing his music around that.

Starting out, Steph Too Trill has always seemed to be on the trail of what is cutting edge. He got this gift when he first started managing artists in the music industry. With this position, he always had to keep an eye out for the latest trend and hottest sound. Each time he would discover a new trend, he would implement it in his work while still keeping his methods original. Now as an artist, creating what’s hot comes naturally which has been the foundation for his recent success.

While Steph Too Trill would be considered a pioneer by most, he still is known to use inspiration to better cultivate his ideas. One of the artists influenced is Carnage – a respected rapper in the music industry. Steph Too Trill said, “I managed to surround myself with musicians like Carnage who was a huge inspiration as far as his story and success.” Surrounding himself with success has made everything just a little bit easier for Steph Too Trill.

Now that Steph Too Trill has gathered all the tools he needs, he is ready to take the music industry by the horns. With all the talent that he once managed; he has built up virtually every connection possibly needed to become successful. Pairing all this with his music abilities, it would be a safe bet to say Steph Too Trill could be the next leader in music. 

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Brooklyn born and Miami based artist, King Soloman, has been making his way through the music industry, one dope release at a time.

After moving to Miami and discovering his love for music again, Soloman decided it was time for the world to know who he was. Soloman released his debut single “Wish Me Well” in November 2018, showcasing his style, smooth delivery and upbringing in Brooklyn NY.  The King is very relatable and his experiences grant the listener a real ability to gain knowledge while listening to his music. Soloman also brings authentic beats with help from his main producer, Tariq Allen, who is known to make unique soundtracks. Together they released “I Need That” which is the leading single from Soloman’s album, “NYC2MIA” which Allen executively produced.

“I Need That” turned out to be a hit and the music video was a one of a kind masterpiece filmed in Miami. The music video encased the wynwood art district, miami beach, and the islands of Biscayne Bay. I think it’s safe to say King Soloman has found a new home in Miami, however he will never forget his Brooklyn roots. Combining the New York hustle with his laidback Miami delivery, Soloman has developed himself as an artist over the years allowing him to have multiple vibes on the track.  

King Soloman will be releasing a new track Sept 18th titled “Hands of Time.” Be sure to check out the Album “NYC2MIA” and more music such as his most recent single, “$ippin on The Tree$”, having over 50,000 streams on spotify. Keep up to date with all of his upcoming releases on his social media.

Instagram: @Kingsoloman_Youtube: King Soloman


From his two biggest hits Luxury Pain to Wangleta, how did X Li become a known artist in the music industry

Xinyi Li popularly known as X Li, is a Chinese rapper and a hip-hop artist based in Toronto who is best known to treat the masses with his own unique fusion touch to his music. 

From the first single Luxury Pain which released in February 2020 to the recently dropped Wangleta that created a stir amongst the music goers, X Li has successfully established himself as the only independent Hip-Hop artist in North America born in China who entered the hip-hop and rap world.

X Li has a huge fan base owing to his ability to attract people through his lyrical prowess and bars that he always spits whenever he holds a microphone. Growing up admiring Linkin Park to drawing inspiration from Jay Z, Nas, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, 50 Cents, and host of other great rap artists, X Li left China and came to Canada to pursue his dream in the rap world. 

It wasn’t easy for X Li to build a career without any support. He spent every waking hour studying English to be able to pen impactful lyrics in the language and self-express to an international audience. 

X Li says, “My passion for music didn’t start yesterday. It started a long time ago as I have always been inspired by rock music. I used to listen to the music of Linkin Park and get inspired”. He further adds, “Music for me is like air, I can’t live without it, and that is the reason I am gradually becoming a popular Chinese artist and a household name in the whole of Toronto, Canada.” 

After the huge success of the last two tracks, fans are now eyes on X Li ‘s next track titled Tiger which is all set to release later this year.