Can Muhammed Karagoz an experienced male model gives step to step guide for an enviable modeling career

Can Muhammed Karagoz an experienced male model gives step to step guide for an enviable modeling career

You will need much more than a pretty face in order to become a model. Although some people are lucky to be pulled out of the crowds in shopping malls by talent seekers, many aspiring models have to work hard to get noticed in the agencies and with the clients. To succeed in the world of fashion, you will need your personality to shine, your work ethic stands out, and your appearance to be well-groomed. Let’s dive deeper into what you need to have a successful career in modeling.


Apart from having the right look, aspiring models need a particular set of qualities to succeed in the world of fashion. If a career as a model catches your attention, you will require an ability to empathize with people. Models have to make a good impression on a wide variety of people as part of their work, so you’ll need to be polite, professional, active, and respectful to advance in modeling. You will also have to be organized. Be able to prepare photo sessions, interviews, and travel calendars when you are starting. You will also need to be photogenic, but different computer-based software can also work it out for you. It is essential to learn to be comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

Professional portfolio

All aspiring models need a portfolio of photos that showcase their style. This does not have to be very expensive. Models and agencies advise other aspiring models not to pay up for professional pictures. It is said that natural photos provide the best indicator of the potential of a model. Do not fall for the scams of fake companies that offer you a portfolio in exchange for a lot of money.

Work with an agency

The better your agency, the more lucrative contracts you are likely to land. Search websites dedicated to modeling find agencies with the highest reputation. If you have some potential, someone will surely contact you. Check the websites of the agencies to find information on open calls and auditions you can attend. Always visit the agencies with a trusted parent, guardian, or adult if you are under 18 years of age.

Brush up some discipline

The standards are quite thriving in the fashion world, and competition is fierce. You will have to be dedicated to keeping fit. It is essential to eat properly and ensure an intake of healthy ingredients only, exercise regularly, and enjoy adequate sleep every night. Avoid a lifestyle that entails reckless alcohol consumption or any other habit that comes at the cost of an unhealthy body.

As a matter of fact, you can learn from countless examples of models out there, both male and female. Let us give you a very unconventional example of a male model called Can Muhammed Karagoz, a Turkish-American entrepreneur, professional runway model, and ballroom and Latin dancer. Due to his diverse portfolio of talents and skills, Karagoz has amassed quite a significant image as a model and dancer in the market. For his modeling expertise, he is looked upon by many aspiring models. His styles have also been a benchmark in the modeling industry for quite a while now.

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