$CBD Coin to Announce Utility of All Utilities in Phase 3

$CBD Coin to Announce Utility of All Utilities in Phase 3

The cryptocurrency industry is gearing up for massive shifts with the increase in traders and digital currencies. Though the world is more receptive to crypto today, it is not without challenges, as the industry is facing an onslaught of scammers. According to $CBD Coin, though undesired, the increase in scammers is expected as it happens in every industry. Therefore, the best traders can do is to gather as much information as they can so they don’t fall prey to these predators.

$CBD Coin entered the industry with a unique offering that has set them apart. They are a first of their kind, helping people access CBD products for their ailments. The crypto company has also stood out in the way they conduct their trade through tokens. $CBD Coin stats indicate that for every coin, whether purchased or sold, there is a 3% tax that reverts to the liquidity pool, 3% for marketing, and 3% for charity funds, totaling 9% transaction tax.

The first phase of utility for $CBD Coin was to integrate donations into their activities. It is the world’s first charity CBD coin that donates CBD products to the less fortunate. The 3% fees help cater to this and provide CBD to those who need it but can’t afford it. In phase two, $CBD Coin will be attached to creating a platform for CBD farmers to thrive and transact in cryptocurrency. $CBD Coin steps in to solve existing financing issues and provide education to CBD farmers.

As they gear up for phase three, $CBD Coin has hinted at announcing the utility of all utilities for the coin. Given their track record so far, the excitement for the next phase of this coin is already bubbling. The company will also connect with CBDOil.com, thereby enabling over 1000 holders to use $CBD Coin to buy products online. The $CBD Coin platform is preparing to not only expand but increase its efforts to revolutionize the industry and help people.

Crypto giants have paved the way for others to develop currencies that address issues affecting the world. $CBD Coin has swooped in, differentiating itself by taking a unique approach. Considering their success in the previous phases, the third phase is definitely worth the anticipation.