How the E-Commerce Industry Flourished under the ‘New Normal’: Victor Madu Explains

COVID-19 has turned the world on its head. There’s no area of life that the pandemic hasn’t touched; from professional to personal, things will never be the same again. The business world, in particular, has felt the impact of the virus in a big way. Whereas traditional brick-and-mortar industries which rely on face to face interaction and physical footfall have taken a severe hit, the e-commerce industry has positively flourished under the ‘new normal.’

Victor Madu is the CEO of ‘For the Leaux Clothing’ and believes COVID-19 will be remembered, amongst other things, as an agent of monumental change in the retail industry.

“The e-commerce revolution is just beginning, but I believe historians will look back and highlight the significant role COVID-19 played,” explains Victor Madu. “The statistics speak for themselves. E-commerce giant Amazon nearly doubled its sales in May of this year, and every click to purchase is another step on their journey to complete market domination.”

Victor Madu adds, “Unfortunately, many companies won’t survive this terrible pandemic, and that needs addressing, but the profits and power of the e-commerce sector are constantly growing. I’ve seen the upsurge in demand within my own company, and it’s been quite unexpected and phenomenal,”

Although there has doubtless been a dramatic rise in online shopping habits worldwide during the pandemic with more and more people opting to shop from the comfort of their own homes, does Victor Madu believe this trend will continue when COVID-19 has finally been beaten, or will consumers be eager to rush back to the mall for a physical shopping experience?

Victor Madu explains, “There’s no doubt that there will always be a place for physical stores which offer both quality and choice. People love to do things in the flesh, and shopping is no different. But, and it’s a big but, shoppers have found the habit of buying mostly online a hard habit to break. It’s convenient, time-saving, extremely accessible, safe, and the choice online is limitless. I don’t think there’s any going back. My advice to more traditional businesses during this difficult time is to build and enhance your online presence if you’re serious about investing in the future. You cannot rewind the clock, but you can certainly adapt and thrive in the post-COVID-19 landscape.”


Dr. Jay Feldman on how to organically grow your audience

Embracing entrepreneurship means embracing failure. There is no getting around it. It is a reality that every entrepreneur has to face, but the truth is failure is a stepping stone to success. Failures help us find redirection when we need it to present us with newer and better opportunities. Ask any entrepreneur who has experienced great success, and they will tell you it was built off their failures. Serial entrepreneur Dr. Jay Feldman understands that it’s not the success that makes you. What makes you is failure and the ability to embrace it to overcome challenges.

Born in Syracuse, NY, Dr. Feldman worked hard to become the enormous success he is today. A graduate of both the University of Florida and Touro College of Medicine, Dr. Feldman always knew early on that he wanted to combine his passion for medicine with his passion for business. “I have always loved medicine because it’s about helping people,” explains Feldman. “But as my medical career progressed, I could easily see how I could scale that expertise to help even more people by getting into the business side of things.”

Currently, Feldman runs four companies and one non-profit. A visionary to the core, he has developed wellness, fitness, and marketing companies to help people get reliable products and information, but it wasn’t always easy. “I had failures just like everyone else,” states Feldman. “Failure is inevitable, but if you are going to get into business, you can’t be afraid to face it head-on.” It takes guts to start one business, let alone multiple, and Feldman has learned that if you have the motivation and grace to take it all in your stride, you will get very far.

“ Failure built the businesses I have today,” says Feldman. “With every failure came an opportunity I don’t think I would have considered. Failure to me is about looking at the mistake and seeing the opportunity on the other side. It’s always there. It’s up to you to find it.” Feldman uniquely understands that failures don’t set you back. If anything, they propel businesses further by inspiring entrepreneurs to work smarter. When Jay talks about business and failures, it’s obvious he knows what he is talking about. “The first mistake is letting ego get in the way,” explains Jay. “Set it aside, and don’t let it cloud your judgment in the moment.” By launching multiple businesses, Dr. Jay Feldman has become not only an expert in his field but also an entrepreneur with a precise vision on growth. There is no doubt that he will launch even more businesses as his success continues to grow.


Gianluigi Ventre Exemplifies That Passion and Perseverance Can Make Anything Possible

Gianluigi Ventre started out as a simple boy from Montoro in the province of Avellino, Italy, who showed a great interest in the world of economics at an early age.

This fascination with numbers ultimately led him to the success he’s reached today as a well-regarded online marketer who is striving to fulfill the financial dreams of other like-minded individuals who would invest with him.

While he has helped thousands of men and women in their success stories as an investor, Ventre believes that his most outstanding achievement in life is attaining his own financial freedom.

This did not come easily for the Italian man, who started enterprising at the young age of 19 years old. The first time he started a business was back when he was still in university when he created his first bot for poker.

This automatic system allowed him to apply his own strategies on multiple tables, on different platforms, at the same time. The software was also pretty accurate in figuring out the succession of cards that would come into play.

Even, if it does sound a bit sketchy, Gianluigi’s first enterprise was completely legal at the time. It was eventually banned because of its accuracy, but not before Ventre earned a significant amount of money from its use and won third place in an Australian competition.

Gianluigi Ventre used his winnings from being a smart poker player as capital for his next business ideas.

As he was thinking about his next big enterprise, Ventre transitioned from predicting poker cards to understanding the stock market. During that time, he traveled to Milan, Lugano, Switzerland, England, Australia, and even Thailand while working as a salesman and tanning chemist.

Gianluigi’s search for meaning led him back to Italy and then Miami, where he rekindled a past relationship.

His stay in the United States helped him hone his trading skills until he developed a great understanding of financial markets.

The Italian entrepreneur then moved on to Barcelona, where he finally had the courage to start his own company using his new automatic systems that regularly monitor the markets.

As his reputation as a social entrepreneur and intelligent investor quickly grew, he was offered to manage a fund in Cyprus. Eighteen months later, the account that he was holding reached a profit of about 240 per cent.

Half of the earnings were given to him, along with the commissions he received per transaction.

Nowadays, as an established social entrepreneur, the young businessman chooses to live a sweet life in the Canary Islands, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

He still manages several accounts, including his businesses in the real estate sector in the Canaries and Dubai. As any smart investor should, Ventre has diversified his assets enough to let him live a comfortable life and achieve financial independence. Clearly, Gianluigi Ventre was able to do this through his undying passion and perseverance for the business and by believing that he can make people achieve the same through his unique set of skills.


P8N Speaks On His Experiences With Being A Young Artists In Music

Singer and songwriter P8N was born and raised in Atlanta, and has found early success in the music industry despite only being 18 years old. He has a unique sound that blends across genres, mixing darker R&B tunes and catchy melodies.

One thing that P8N tries to express in his music is his feelings and experiences about being a teenager, but in a way that can be relatable to people of all ages.

His love for music started at the young age of 3, and P8N had written his first song when he was 13. By 15, he was already writing and collaborating with other artists, which is still something he regularly does today.

His signature adlibs make his sound unique, and he has recently been catching the attention of major labels, producers, engineers and fellow musicians, all who are excited to be able to collaborate and work with him.

Followers and fans of P8N’s work can look out for upcoming projects with 5x Grammy Award-winning and Emmy-nominated producer Kenny Bartow, and his much-anticipated first single Alive is the perfect blend of dark, haunting, and euphoric vocals mixed with a hard beat.

You can hear more from P8N and stay up-to-date on his latest projects at his Instagram.


Charizmia, the female artist to blow

She’s been compared to some of the greatest singers of our time, and now you know why. Her name is Charismia Paige, but she’s known by her childhood nickname, Charizmia and you might say she’s on a roll. Charizmia is an American singer-songwriter, actress. At 26, it seems Charizmia has finally arrived, though she’s been here all along Connor asked, “Do you feel like your career was a slow build or something that happened fairly quickly?”. “It’s the slowest build of all time,” Charizmia laughed. “It’s the slowest burn.

I’ve accomplished most of my goals, but would I have been able to maintain this type of mainstream success ten years ago? Hell to the no!” “You needed that ten years?” “I needed this for ten years. I feel like a master. She’s also become a master of the positive attitude. In nearly every show, she leads the audience in her own personal mantra: “I love you … You are beautiful … And you can do anything.” These days, there’s another mantra: “Black Lives Matter.” And she’s using her fame to support the cause.

She grew up listening to gospel music at home, taking flute lessons, and participating in her school’s marching band. She began rapping at the age of 14, but she never anticipated she would get this far. Her sister was the one who actually believed in her desire as she grew up. She was the one who introduced a studio to her. Charismia Paige was raised in poverty in Dothan, Alabama, and was always looking for a way out. She enlisted in the military at the age of 18 and served for four years until she discovered herself and a place to call home in society. She had two children after leaving the service and chose to broaden her knowledge of several sectors. She started a delivery contract company and then decided to start a slew of other businesses to broaden her horizons. Charizmia’s craft continues to evolve and grow as time passes. Nicki Minaj, Lizo, and Cardi B are among the female musicians who have recently taken notice of her.


Artist Kaboom Holy Is Making A Name For Himself

Musician Kaboom Holy, born Antarrios Flythe, didn’t always expect to have a successful career as an artist, but now there is no doubt that he is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Holy shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and has been on the grind building his career and being consistent with his work. 

Although an untraditional route to stardom, Kaboom Holy had a rocky past that included run-ins with the law and battling mental illness between the ages of 17 and 24. Even still, these experiences impacted Kaboom tremendously and changed how he views life. He now focuses on improving his behavior, and leading a healthy and trouble-free lifestyle. 

Today, Holy is a successful artist and business owner while maintaining a significant social media following. In 2018, he even launched his own record label called XXVI-CMX The Label, which is known for its gritty, high-energy music and content. 

This North Carolina native has proven that dedication and work ethic can really make your dreams come true and turn your life around. While at one point he would have never expected the career path he is on now, his creative mind, discipline, and consistency have brought his career to new levels with further successes inevitable. 

You can hear more from Kaboom Holy and his latest projects at his Instagram


Where Artist MC Mixson Hopes to Take His Career in the Coming Years

Hailing from New York City, artist MC Mixson, born Derrick J. Mixson II, has always had a long-standing love for music. He is not afraid to find unique fusions in his works that have brought about a new sound to hip hop, a reflection of the wide array of music and cultures that he was exposed to throughout his upbringing. 

Mixson has always experimented with his music, which has given him the unique sound he has today. He strives to “Influence and inspire the world” through his works, and always aims to bring a particular intensity and passion to his craft. 

A major highlight for Mixson has been inking a distribution deal with Universal Music Group, and he recently made it onto the DRT Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Charts only a week after his recent release. 

Whether you’re a new fan of Mixson or you’ve already heard him on Wild n’ Out on TV, from interviews on Shade 45 Sirius XM Radio and Dash Radio, or seen him featured in Source Magazine and Hip Hop Weekly, it is no doubt that you will continue to hear more of his music in the years to come. 

Mixson has earned himself a loyal following throughout his career, for those who have been drawn in by his original sounds and obvious talent. In the coming years, he hopes to hone in his talents even more, and become the best artist he can be. Mixson aims to continue familiarizing himself with the industry and pass on this wisdom to the next generation. Aside from the music industry, Mixson has been working on a website to showcase his own merchandise, which fans can look forward to in the near future. 

Even with the trials and tribulations of the past year and a half, Mixson has always kept a positive attitude, and has stayed dedicated to his work, excited to showcase his talents and latest projects to his audience. You can hear more from MC Mixson and his latest works at his Instagram.  


Dotti Lyne Strives For Longevity

Dotti Lyne Has been able to pave a new way for himself. However, he believes that in order to be successful you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. He pays homage to all the people before him and the ones who inspired him. 

He doesn’t just try to create music for the moment, but more so timeless music. That creates real longevity in this cutthroat industry. His inspiration is deeper than just the music. “ I am a long-term thinker, I care about longevity with my career” he stated.

Overall it’s very clear to see that Dotti Lyne is a very talented artist that is taking all of the right moves.

Dotti Lyne is quite active on social media and interacts with his fans frequently. He doesn’t try to have a target audience, he tries to appeal to as many people as he can since he believes we are all living the same reality.


The driving force behind Jason Alvarez-Cohen’s business

For Jason Alvarez-Cohen there were many different aspects to life put aside in order to pursue a career in the technology industry. Friendships, parties, events, Jason feels that in order to create something that adds value to millions of people, you need to put these priorities aside and focus on building a successful company. With this mindset, Jason Alvarez-Cohen has built Popl, the next generation business card.

Jason’s company, Popl, has a number of distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from others. The company has a variety of core beliefs, which are summarized here:

Move the needle daily

Popl is a family and we appreciates each other

Celebrate small wins (& sunsets)

Launch, iterate, repeat

Focus on solutions, not problems


Be a self starter

Jason claims that the company has numerous future growth plans, and that he expects to eventually take over the business card space. Popl is currently focused on the individual market, but are soon starting to concentrate on the enterprise sector as well with Popl Enterprise, a multi-Popl management dashboard designed for teams.

Jason may be found on social media (@jasonalco on Instagram and LinkedIn), where you can monitor his progress in the technology world. Jason provides various business ideas and tactics, as well as information about his own company. Keep an eye out for Popl and stay up to date on the most cutting-edge technologies.


$CBD Coin to Announce Utility of All Utilities in Phase 3

The cryptocurrency industry is gearing up for massive shifts with the increase in traders and digital currencies. Though the world is more receptive to crypto today, it is not without challenges, as the industry is facing an onslaught of scammers. According to $CBD Coin, though undesired, the increase in scammers is expected as it happens in every industry. Therefore, the best traders can do is to gather as much information as they can so they don’t fall prey to these predators.

$CBD Coin entered the industry with a unique offering that has set them apart. They are a first of their kind, helping people access CBD products for their ailments. The crypto company has also stood out in the way they conduct their trade through tokens. $CBD Coin stats indicate that for every coin, whether purchased or sold, there is a 3% tax that reverts to the liquidity pool, 3% for marketing, and 3% for charity funds, totaling 9% transaction tax.

The first phase of utility for $CBD Coin was to integrate donations into their activities. It is the world’s first charity CBD coin that donates CBD products to the less fortunate. The 3% fees help cater to this and provide CBD to those who need it but can’t afford it. In phase two, $CBD Coin will be attached to creating a platform for CBD farmers to thrive and transact in cryptocurrency. $CBD Coin steps in to solve existing financing issues and provide education to CBD farmers.

As they gear up for phase three, $CBD Coin has hinted at announcing the utility of all utilities for the coin. Given their track record so far, the excitement for the next phase of this coin is already bubbling. The company will also connect with, thereby enabling over 1000 holders to use $CBD Coin to buy products online. The $CBD Coin platform is preparing to not only expand but increase its efforts to revolutionize the industry and help people.

Crypto giants have paved the way for others to develop currencies that address issues affecting the world. $CBD Coin has swooped in, differentiating itself by taking a unique approach. Considering their success in the previous phases, the third phase is definitely worth the anticipation.