CD Leganés | David Pérez Doval leaves the doors open

CD Leganés | David Pérez Doval leaves the doors open

Young left-handed winger David Pérez Doval has acknowledged that he would be delighted to return to Club Deportivo Leganés at the end of this season. Of course, the player has also insisted on indicating that he feels very comfortable and happy in his current team.

Among the many decisions that Cembranos must make for the coming year is to determine what happens to “Doval”. The youth squad is taking advantage of his loan, but it is still unclear if the accumulated merits are enough to earn the full confidence of the current coach of Club Deportivo Leganés B. Furthermore, it remains to be seen what happens to Avilés, since in In case the man from Madrid packs his bags, his options to return to Butarque will undoubtedly be greater.

During his conversation with the media close to the club, the striker did admit that, in one way or another, he would like to end the season with his current team. Although it remains to be seen what happens with the players on loan and the players who end their contracts in the event that the competition extends beyond June 30, the Spanish youth squad has already made his position clear. “Unless someone from the management of one club or another tells me, I would love to end the season on July 30 or August 30 with my current team. It is my team and that is my idea. I have not talked about legal issues. I have no idea, “he acknowledged.

In the current academic year, the left-winger has played a total of 3 official matches with the CD Leganés team, but due to his transfer he has been left, for the time being, the opportunity to participate in some clashes that seemed vibrant.

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