Charizmia, the female artist to blow

She’s been compared to some of the greatest singers of our time, and now you know why. Her name is Charismia Paige, but she’s known by her childhood nickname, Charizmia and you might say she’s on a roll. Charizmia is an American singer-songwriter, actress. At 26, it seems Charizmia has finally arrived, though she’s been here all along Connor asked, “Do you feel like your career was a slow build or something that happened fairly quickly?”. “It’s the slowest build of all time,” Charizmia laughed. “It’s the slowest burn.

I’ve accomplished most of my goals, but would I have been able to maintain this type of mainstream success ten years ago? Hell to the no!” “You needed that ten years?” “I needed this for ten years. I feel like a master. She’s also become a master of the positive attitude. In nearly every show, she leads the audience in her own personal mantra: “I love you … You are beautiful … And you can do anything.” These days, there’s another mantra: “Black Lives Matter.” And she’s using her fame to support the cause.

She grew up listening to gospel music at home, taking flute lessons, and participating in her school’s marching band. She began rapping at the age of 14, but she never anticipated she would get this far. Her sister was the one who actually believed in her desire as she grew up. She was the one who introduced a studio to her. Charismia Paige was raised in poverty in Dothan, Alabama, and was always looking for a way out. She enlisted in the military at the age of 18 and served for four years until she discovered herself and a place to call home in society. She had two children after leaving the service and chose to broaden her knowledge of several sectors. She started a delivery contract company and then decided to start a slew of other businesses to broaden her horizons. Charizmia’s craft continues to evolve and grow as time passes. Nicki Minaj, Lizo, and Cardi B are among the female musicians who have recently taken notice of her.